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The Canadian Quarter Horse Association is currently seeking qualified and dedicated individuals to stand for election to the CQHA board of directors. CQHA will be accepting director applications from October 10th to midnight MST October 31st, 2021.

The CQHA board of directors is comprised of a diverse group of individuals from a crossed Canada involved in the Canadian Quarter Horse industry in a multitude of ways.

The volunteer board, seeks to work together to promote the Canadian Quarter Horses community, and to celebrate both domestically and internationally the array of talented horses and equestrians that Canada produces.

Nominations Process

Individuals who are interested in serving as a director of the CQHA need to be nominated by a member of the CQHA and apply to the Nomination and Credentials Committee (NCC) by filling out the nomination/application form on the CQHA website.

The NCC is comprised of the immediate Past-President as chair(if still very involved with the CQHA), the current President and a minimum of one other director appointed by the BOD.

The general purpose of the NCC on behalf of the CQHA is to:

1.     Present a slate of qualified candidates for the election that numbers at a minimum equal to the number of vacant positions on the board

2.     Ensure there is a rigorous nomination system

3.     Ensure there is an election every year

4.     Recruit qualified individuals to stand for election

5.     Recruit qualified individual(s) from any region in Canada that is not currently represented on the board of directors

6.     Serve as scrutineers of the election



Qualifying Criteria to be eligible to become a director, an individual must:

o   Be nominated by a member of the CQHA

o   Complete the application form and consent to be a nominee, a candidate, and if elected, a director

o   Be member in good standing of the CQHA

o   Be eligible to  be an AQHA member and acquire said memberships, if not already a member

o   Meet the membership eligibility criteria and sign a memorandum of understanding with the CQHA.

o   Provide to the voting membership a brief biography including skills and experience, prior industry involvement, and motivation for seeking election (reference CQHA Directors Application Form).



The role of the Board
of Director members
:  the role of the CQHA Board of Directors (BOD)
is to help foster the sustainability and development of the association. Directors
provide strategic direction and oversight to fulfill its mandate.  The responsibilities of a CQHA director
include but are not limited to:

o   Providing strategic
direction and oversight

o   Helping develop and
implement policies that support the Quarter Horse industry in Canada and

o   Review the new director’s
orientation package and sign off on the Memorandum of Understanding and
potential conflict of interest documents

o   Attend and participate in
BoD meetings held by teleconference or in-person, and the Annual General
Meeting held in Canada

o   Participate fully in
committee work as Chair or member

o   Review and approve CQHA’s
annual business plan and annual budget

CQHA directors are required to attend
board of director meetings and are expected to serve on at least one committee.
Most years there are an average of up to 6 board meetings of 2 hours in length.
Directors are volunteers and are NOT remunerated for their time, but may be
reimbursed for pre-approved expenses.


The term of the Directors and the number of Directors to be elected:  the term of each director will be 3 years unless the individual is elected to complete a term of a director that has resigned.  The number of directors to be elected each year will equal one third (1/3) of the total number of directors on the board (18). A director should be prepared to devote a minimum of 15 hours per month to board and committee activities.

The following are the steps for nominating and selecting candidates for the election of directors through the nomination committee:

  1. Verify that the individual is qualified: As per the qualifying criteria stated above, the CQHA is looking for individuals with specific skills and experience, who are members in good standing of the CQHA and eligible for membership in the AQHA.
  2. Complete the online nomination/application form: applications and resumes will be accepted through our online application form  from (dates to be determined annually based on the date of the annual general meeting
  3. Committee recruiting candidates: Part of the mandate of the NCC is to actively recruit well qualified nominees to serve as candidates for the election as a director.
  4. Committee selects candidates: The nomination committee will review each of the nominees and put forward all qualified nominees as candidates for election. Nominees may be contacted by the NCC with follow-up questions to help them make their decision.  The final list of candidates will be announced  (date to be determined annually)
  5. Complete your declaration form: Once the candidates are selected by the NCC, they will be asked to complete a memorandum of understanding with the CQHA.

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