Large Animal Rescue: Awareness Level Virtual Workshop (1:00pm EST: April 28, 2021)

In today’s society, responding to incidents involving animals is both an expectation and an acknowledgement that such incidents will likely involve people putting themselves and others at risk. All large animal incidents regardless of cause or scope, present a risk of injury to responders.  Through proper training of best practices and the use of specialized rescue equipment we significantly mitigate these risks and improve the odds of a favorable outcome for both animals and responders. By keeping responders safe, we improve our capacity to keep animals safe. This awareness level workshop includes an introduction to basic animal behaviour, animal handling techniques, animal restraint and confinement techniques. This session provides the foundation for future hands-on practical training.

This virtual workshop is intended for first responders,pre-service, law enforcement, animal control officers, veterinarians, vet. technicians, emergency animal response teams, horse owners, livestock producers and associations (note: participants must be minimum of 18 yrs of age).