Canadian AQHA Judges

American Quarter Horse judges are held to the highest quality of standards!

AQHA has three unique types of judging positions. 

  • AQHA All-Around Judge — These judges are approved to judge any AQHA-approved event.
  • AQHA Specialized Judge —  These judges specialize in specific areas, including: cutting, reining, roping, ranch riding, over fence, team penning, speed events, dressage, halter, Level 1, versatility ranch horse, working cow horse, western dressage and cowboy mounted shooting.  
  • AQHA International All-Around Judge — These judges are from outside the U.S. and are approved to judge the classes approved for their country or region.

The following are listed as AQHA Judges in good standing who reside in Canada. Please note that their contact information can be found through the member services area of



AQHA All-Around Judges

DEAN ROSS ,Versatility Ranch Horse, All-around, NSBA.

DEREK P HANSCOME, ,Versatility Ranch Horse, All-around NSBA, NRCHA.

JAMES RICHARD SIMPSON, Versatility Ranch Horse, All-around, NSBA.

JOE CARTER,Versatility Ranch Horse, All-around, IBHA, NRHA, PHBA, NCHA, NSBA, NRCHA.

LYLE JACKSON, Versatility Ranch Horse, All-around, NRCHA, NRHA, NSBA, APHA, FEI.


MICHAEL B RAPLEY, All-around, Versatility Ranch Horse

Canadian AQHA Show Stewards

LYLE JACKSON, Cochrane, Alberta.

JOE CARTER, St. George, Ontario.

AQHA Specialized & Level 1 Judges

ALAIN ALLARD,Specialized Reining.

BLAIR E ANDERSON, Specialized Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

CAYLEY WILSON, Specialized Working Cow Horse.

GARY HUGHES, Specialized Cutting.

LESLIE TIMMONS, Specialized Cutting, Working Cow Horse.

LINDSAY GRICE, Specialized Level 1.

MICHELLE L PIPKE, Specialized Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

ROBERT T ZIRNHELT, Specialized Cutting.

SHELBY BIDDLECOMBE, Specialized Level 1.

WENDY G NELSON, Specialized Reining.

TRAVIS SMITH, Specialized Reining.

Canadian International AQHA All-around Judges


SHARI IRWIN, Castleton, ON