Special Membership Meeting


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The Canadian Quarter Horse Association is providing it’s membership with official notice of  Special Membership meeting to review and vote on the proposed by-law changes for the Canadian Quarter Horse Association. This meeting will be hosted live and in person, Friday March 25th, 3pm GMT-6 at the Keystone Center in Brandon, Manitoba, with the option for members to join the meeting virtually through the Zoom streaming platform.


The CQHA’s governance committee, under the guidance of committee chair, Dr. Wayne Burwash and with legal consultation from the Ontario firm of Sport Law, has drafted a comprehensive set of by-laws that address the current needs of the association, and will support it as it develops programs and services to support the Canadian Quarter Horse Industry on into the future.

Please take a moment to download the document and review it prior to the meeting. If you have questions or concerns, please submit them in writing to admin@cqha.ca.

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