2022 AQHA Ride Program Achievers


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Congratulations to the following Canadians who have been recognized by the AQHA’s Horse Back Riding Program for 2022.

The AQHA Horseback Riding Program rewards you for spending time with your horse. Spending time with your horse is one of the great parts of your life. AQHA’s Horseback Riding Program is a way to honor your horse and your partnership, as well as earn rewards for something you’re already doing. 

Once you enroll in the program, you can start recording hours. As you climb the achievement hour levels, you will earn valuable prizes and earn recognition for you and your horse. 

All breeds are welcome – there is both an American Quarter Horse division and an All-Breeds division.

Quarter Horse Division
5,000 Hour Award - Janelle Cameron of  Wetaskiwin, Alberta
5,000 Hour Award

Janelle Cameron of  Wetaskiwin, Alberta with Mr. Peppy’s Bonanza, Betarocknrumble, Goodtimebootscootin, and Elko.

Each one of my horses has taught me something different. That’s one of the cool things about horses and getting to ride so many different ones. 

I have lots of good memories but I think it’s neat to look back at where I was 5,000 hours ago and compare it to now; I’ve come a long way not only in my horsemanship but in my life as well. 

I am an equestrian strength and performance coach and owner of Optimize Your Ride. I look forward to taking what I’ve learned in my formal education in Kinesiology and what my horses have taught me to helping other riders become the best partners they can be to their horses!

2500 Hour Award - Anne Lewis from Coalhurst, Alberta.
2,500 Hour Award

Anne Lewis of Coalhurst, Alberta with Zans Golden Ruler aka “Simon”

My first horse was an American Quarter Horse and I have stuck with the breed ever since. I love the look and versatility of them. Trail riding is my passion. Living in southern Alberta, winter means indoor riding with the occasional coulee ride on a warm day. I take dressage lessons and clinics when available. I live a hour away from the Rocky Mountains. Waterton Lakes National Park and Castle Provincial Park offer trails galore to explore and camp.

500 Hour Awards
Wyatt Hallock with ONLYHOTTILLMIDNIGHT from Ontario
Karen Krueger with DF Jackpot aka "Mazer" from Stanley, Manitoba
Becky Green with Peppered Playmate & Skipped My Pepper from Hay Lakes, Alberta
All Breed Division
2,500 Hour Award - Lena Kronschnabl of Thorsby, Alberta, Canada

2,500 Hour Award – Lena Kronschnabl
 with Juanna Lil Red Rose, Snoopys Black Juan, Snaps Bully girl from
Thorsby, Alberta

All of my horses mean the world to me as I love them to pieces! Each one has his own personality, and not all of them are way to handle. They work extremely well for me and I am so happy friends trusted me and gave me the opportunity to own them. As part of the Horseback Riding Program, I love the gifts and getting my own mail, plus it is really interesting how many hours I spend with the horses! In the future, I want to compete in our amateur rodeos, high school rodeos and our local junior rodeos as I do barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying, ribbon roping, breakaway roping and started to team rope (heeling). 

2,500 Hour Award - Karen Shannon of Alberta

2,500 Hour Award – Karen Shannon with Boomer and Sexsmith, from Alberta

Boomer is a truly unique Paint Appaloosa, exhibiting both the pinto markings and a spotted blanket on his hips. Riding is a life-long passion for me. During the winter, I find Boomer in the pasture, put on a hackamore, climb on something, and Boomer moves over so I can get on. We will continue our HBR journey, riding the trails together, perhaps for another 2000 hours.

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