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Canadian Results from the 2023 Level 1 West AQHA Championships

Champion L1 Youth Hunter Under Saddle (14-18) – Gota Wear My Silks, 2011, MARE – exhibitor/owner: Hailey Olson, Maryfield, SK, Canada.

Reserve Champion L1 Youth Showmanship (14 – 18) – – Gota Wear My Silks, 2011, MARE – exhibitor/owner: Hailey Olson, Maryfield, SK, Canada.

3rd L1 Youth Hunt Seat Equitation (14-18) – Gota Wear My Silks, 2011, MARE – exhibitor/owner: Hailey Olson, Maryfield, SK, Canada.

5th L1 Amt Showmanship at Halter – Unanswered Prayerz, 2016, GELDING – exhibitor/owner: Tamara Marie Jameson, Surrey, BC, Canada.

6th L1 Amt Showmanship at Halter – Invite The Fortune, 2020, MARE – exhibitor: Ainsley Raine Linnell, Summerberry, SK, owner: Karen Linnell, Summerberry, SK, Canada.

7th Rookie Amt Western Pleasure – Unanswered Prayerz, 2016, GELDING – exhibitor/owner: Tamara Marie Jameson, Surrey, BC, Canada.

8th L1 Amt Trail – Unanswered Prayerz, 2016, GELDING – exhibitor/owner: Tamara Marie Jameson, Surrey, BC, Canada.

11th L1 Amt Performance Halter Geldings – Tee Jays Stylish Kid, 2015, GELDING – exhibitor/owner: Keegan Burt, Langenburg, SK, Canada

11th L1 Amt Western Horsemanship – Hez Willy Fancy, 2014, GELDING – exhibitor: Ainsley Raine Linnell, Summerberry, SK, owner: Karen Linnell, Summerberry, SK, Canada.

12th L1 Youth Western Pleasure (14-18) – Gota Wear My Silks, 2011, MARE – exhibitor/owner: Hailey Olson, Maryfield, SK, Canada.

15th Rookie Amt Showmanship at Halter – Invite The Fortune, 2020, MARE – exhibitor: Ainsley Raine Linnell, Summerberry, SK, owner: Karen Linnell, Summerberry, SK, Canada.

15Th L1 Amt Hunt Seat Equitation – Unanswered Prayerz, 2016, GELDING – exhibitor/owner: Tamara Marie Jameson, Surrey, BC, Canada.

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Norm Picov passed away with his family by his side on Saturday, February 18 at the age of 86.
AJAX DOWNS, THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 2023 – Community, family, philanthropy, and his beloved horses.

These were some of the most important things to Norm Picov, a man determined to grow the sport and community he loved in his hometown of Ajax. Taking the reins from his father Alex Picov in 1952, one of the founders of Quarter Horse racing in Ontario, Norm transformed his family’s farm, Picov Downs, into a state-of-the-art Quarter Horse track and casino known today as Ajax Downs.

Today, Ajax Downs’ popular Quarter horse racing season attracts thousands of fans each year completing Norm’s vision of bringing the community together to enjoy fast horses and family fun. It was important to Norm for fans to get up close to the horses and for the younger generation to engage in the sport at his new track. Through family events, he wanted to encourage the love of horses and benefit his hometown and community.  

The annual Family Fun Day at Ajax Downs raises funds for the local hospital, which has always been important to Norm, his wife Lynda, and the entire family.

Norm dearly loved breeding and racing horses, coming by his passion honestly as his father was well known for his horse business after arriving in Canada in 1931 and settling in what is now Ajax.  Alex and Norm opened the Quarter Horse Racetrack in 1969 on his family farm with a couple other horsemen where they funded the purses for races themselves. Within a few years the track opened a horse complex, arena and tack shop involving community horse shows and stallion stations. Pari-mutuel wagering was added in the 1980s.

The new Ajax Downs racetrack opened with a casino in 2009, as part of the now defunct slots-at-racetracks revenue-sharing program, and Ontario Quarter Horse racing and breeding prospered.

Norm was honoured by the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame in 2016 with a special award for his “dedicated service and unique contributions” to Canada’s horse racing industry.

At the racetrack, Norm’s Picov Cattle Company’s horses, and those it sold, won hundreds of races and were a regular in the top five stables each season. In 2020 and 2021, Picov Cattle Company topped all breeders in the province. Picov Cattle Company also bred one of the richest Quarter Horses in the history of the track, Fiesty Icon, a son of Sugarman Perry, who was a two-time Horse of the Year and earner of over $350,000.

Norm would rarely miss a race by one of his homebred horses. If he wasn’t at the track, he was watching online from his office at the Tack Shop. In recent years, his homebred horses have been named in honour of Hanover Hill, where his farm is located, as well as various family and friends. Among those was multiple stakes winner Hanover Hill Chalsee, Hanover Hill Lynda, and Hanover Hill Teresa. Norm was also looking very forward to his namesake racing this year as a 2-year-old, Stormin Norman.

Norm passed away with his family by his side on Saturday, February 18 at the age of 86. Condolences poured in from the horse racing community and the Town of Ajax.

Ralph Pearson, also integral in the development of Quarter Horse Racing in Ontario, remembers the lengths Norm went to in order to bolster the horse population in the early days of Picov Downs.

“Norm went to the States and picked up a load of horses. There would be 20 to 30 horses and we’d sit and wait for the horses to come out of the truck. We’d buy them and race them,” Pearson said. “So that’s actually how it got going. It was a whole bunch of guys who just enjoyed it.”

The Ajax Pickering Hospital Foundation was quick to offer its condolences to the Picov family, noting that Picov’s support for the hospital went beyond the contribution to the MRI campaign.

In 2010 the family donated $100,000 to Ajax-Pickering Hospital’s Image is Everything campaign – the largest cheque the hospital’s foundation had ever received – for the purchase of its first MRI machine.

“Since 2010, Norm’s beloved quarter horse racetrack has hosted ‘Family Fun Day’ every August in support of the Ajax Pickering Hospital,” said a post from the Ajax Pickering Hospital Foundation.  “Thank you, Norm, for your kindness, philanthropy and commitment to horse racing and our community.”

Ajax Mayor Shaun Collier said the Picov family and quarter horse racing have brought together neighbouring communities and “advanced the development” of the town. “Norm’s kindness, philanthropy and commitment to growing horse racing in Canada, and here in Ajax, will not be forgotten.”

Woodbine Entertainment’s CEO Jim Lawson said “Norman will be dearly missed. Thoughts are with his family,”

Norm followed in his father’s footsteps in more ways than horses; he loved horses but also people. He was widely known as an honest and trustworthy businessman and would take the time to chat with anyone. He always wanted to know about his horses and about what was going on at the track. He religiously read the program before each race day and always knew when his horses were running. He spent his later years, just like his dad, in the tack shop, in his favourite chair, waiting to talk horses.  

Norm was quoted once as saying ‘every day is fun. I love it’; his enthusiasm for the family business always stayed true and infectious to everyone around him.

Norman Picov will be remembered for his love of family, horses, and his community. He saw himself as ‘just a farmer’ but was seen by the rest as a force to be reckoned with. He will be missed by many and remembered by all that crossed his path. 

Ajax Downs’ 54th Quarter Horse Racing Season is set to open on Wednesday, May 10, 2023 with a first race post time of 1:30 p.m. For information about our special event Sundays, stakes races, and news, please visit For information on how you can buy a Quarter Horse to race, contact the Quarter Racing Owners of Ontario at
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CQHA Wraps up the Inaugural Canadian National Amateur Team Tournament


To our top five teams of 2022!

1ST place, Team SIRTAINLY SIERRA – 4695pts
2ND place, Team MY SLEEPY VALENTINE -4308pts
3RD place, Team GOOD INTENTIONZ- 4206pts
4TH place, Team TY – 3671pts
5TH place, Team YALL HASHTAG THIS – 3417pts

Thank you to each and every one of the 100 Canadian Amateurs who made this first year such a huge success, and to our 10 team sponsors!

We could not have done it without you!!!


Reserve Champions

Third Place

By Joelle Johnson, CNATT Chairperson

Before I get into the amazing details of how CNATT2022 was such a raging success I want to share the story of how CNATT was created…

I have been a member of the quarter horse industry my entire life, so I have seen how the ebb and flow of the Canadian and American economies can affect the Canadian Quarter Horse industry. I have seen struggles but never have I been so worried for the future of our beloved affiliates as I was post pandemic. Everyone was eager to return to the show ring, but was our excitement enough to combat rising gas prices and inflation?

While attending a year end banquet for the Quarter Horse Association of Alberta, I overheard many longtime amateur members that I personally know and consider my family, reminisce about “the good old days”. When shows were so large, we had days that never ended, they just flowed from the end of one to the beginning of the next with mere hours in between. Group activities were numerous in these days, whether to generate funds or just to kick off our boots at the end of a long day. In these days the friendships were unyielding and lifelong.

I knew something had to be done.

I became obsessed with understanding what it was my fellow exhibitors needed to drive them to love showing their equine counter parts the way they had 15-20 years ago. I reached out to exhibitors from across the province and into neighboring affiliates asking them what they wanted to see change. I posted to my public social media account, asking followers if they could choose the prizes that would light a fire in their competitive souls what would it be? Many of course said cash. We all could use some extra cash. That is a never ceasing ideal that unfortunately for most clubs, isn’t an option. Gathering sponsorship is hard, and asking people to hand over cold hard cash in an economy where it’s worth less and less every day, that is difficult. Beyond money, many responded that items they could physically use were preferred over trophies. Blankets are a never-ending necessity in every barn whether you show halter or reining. Tack, buckets, and other every day items also topped the list.

Of those I spoke to, many remembered fondly of a circuit once held in Drayton Valley, Alberta. This event was organized by Jackie, Kathy and the rest of the Harke family. Every year they held a team tournament including all exhibitors and it was infamous for its great prizes and positive experiences. Unfortunately, despite the success of this show, it is no longer held and the Harke family has long since moved on from the Quarter Horse industry in Alberta.

Once I had my questions answered, I reached out to the one person I knew I could count on to help. A person who is well known for her organizational skills, her drive to volunteer and her ability to plan and event; Laurie Haugton, current CQHA Vice President and our organization’s saving grace. We shared a long, fruitful conversation brainstorming ideas and together we created the Canadian National Team Tournament. A tournament of 100 AQHA members from across Canada competing for a title and along the way meeting new people and having fun! The ten teams would be sponsored by Canadian owned stallions, thus incorporating a need to drive the visualization of available breeding options close to home during hard financial times.

Obviously as it is with any new program, there was some apprehension. Stallion owners weren’t sure if they would benefit from the program, and some amateurs didn’t understand how they could participate, especially those who weren’t sure if they could afford to even attend any AQHA circuits. But, everyone’s desire to see new and expanding change outweighed their apprehension, and 100 members took the leap of faith and 10 stallion owners put their trust in Laurie and I.

Once our team sponsors were secured, our members registered, it was time to select our teams. On May 1st, 2022 a Live Instagram event was held with the incomparable Brad Bowie. Ten names were randomly drawn from across Canada for each of our ten teams, doing our best to make sure each team had a representative from every affiliate in Canada.

Once teams were formed, the connections were only moments behind. Facebook friend request multiplied across the social media platform and groups were formed in private chats. For team Yall Hashtag this specifically, it only took one day for the members to begin introducing themselves and their equine partners. For the rest of the season these private chats would become a breeding ground for positive messages, well wishes and encouraging words. Members shared placings, the good and the ugly, and pushed each other to try new things.

At the circuits, new friendships blossomed and old ones strengthened. Cheering could be heard from aisle to aisle among the barns and playful competitive banter rang through the practice pens. Even the occasional high- fives were seen shared amongst rivals.

For members in Saskatchewan the first show of the season brought their rigs to Moose Jaw. As part of the CNATT program non-horse events were introduced. These events were open to everyone, but were incorporated to allow those who were unable to show, or who only showed minimally a chance to earn a few points for their team. They also were created to open the channels of communication and increase camaraderie.  The first non-horse event held in Moose Jaw, a tricky scavenger hunt followed by a race of slow and steady proportions proved to be exactly the icebreaker those western Canadians needed. On a personal note, this experience warmed my heart to the core. I haven’t seen laughter and teamwork like this among AQHA peers for many years, and it was in this moment that I knew all our hard work had been worth it. The program was successful.

While the non-horse events were plentiful and successful at the individual circuits, Laurie soon discovered that the CNATT members could also benefit from online contests. Bubble gum was chewed, fleece coolers became dresses, and equine partners questioned the sanity of their owners who dressed them as dragons for photos. Multiple incredible prizes were awarded for these contests. A special heartfelt thank you must be said to Gilles Seguin of Tendo Enterprises, Leanne Karoles of Ace Therapy, Robyn Duplisea of Show Horse Today, Jessica Turner of Rose Fire Saddlery, Alfatech Alfalfa Products, AQHA and the CQHA for their generous sponsorship of all CQHA awards and prizes.

As the weeks passed, and show after show was held across the country, points were tallied, and posted regularly. The competition became more and more fierce. It was even noted that boots and breeches that hung in closets for years were dusted off in order to aid in team standings.

It didn’t take long for team sponsors began to see how the program could benefit their businesses and swag was spotted through out the barns. Sirtainly Sierra vests, My Sleepy Valentine hats, and Yall Hashtag This hoodies became advertising beacons. Banners were created and shipped to each individual member with their team logos and they hung proudly on stalls up and down the aisles.

On social media the hashtags were abundant. Pictures of successful days were littered with reminders to investigate the incredibly talented stallions and their get which we are so lucky to have available to us in Canada. Each hashtag aiding the competitor’s in their race to the top.  In addition to member social media presence we were beyond blessed to have the support of Robyn Duplisea and her online magazine Show Horse Today to highlight our program, its members and our sponsors. 

The season has now wrapped up, the tack cleaned and put away for the winter. The final show results tallied and our winner has been crowned. Taking home Gold in the first ever Canadian National Amateur Team Tournament is team Sirtainly Sierra, silver to My Sleepy Valentine, and bronze to team Good Intentionz. Members of the team Sirtainly Sierra will receive a custom-made buckle, and a $200 gift certificate to Rose Fire Saddlery. Team My Sleepy Valentine will receive $100 gift certificates and team Good Intentionz $50 gift certificates to Rose Fire Saddlery. These awards, along with 3 remaining participation draws will be presented to the winners at the Canadian Quarter Horse Associations awards banquet. Further information on a date and location to come from the Canadian Quarter Horse Association in the coming weeks.

I am beyond blown away by the success of CNATT2022, I never could have imagined that it would become such a roaring success. I am so thankful to Laurie Haughton, Holly Kress, and Hannah Searle for all their hard work this year. I am so lucky to have a team who believed in this from day one. Thank you to all of our Canadian show secretaries from coast to coast for being so diligent with their show results, without you this could not have been possible. Finally, to our sponsors, stallion owners and business owners alike, your support for this program has been nothing less than amazing. I am so touched by your support for such a new program, dreamt up by just an amateur with a dream and a desire to see change.

I cannot wait to see what 2023 holds for the Canadian National Amateur Team Tournament!

Program Partners

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CNATT 2023 Teams Sold Out!

In just a few short days over the holidays our 2023 CNATT Teams were sold out!

Canadian AQHA breeders and stallion owners from every discipline were invited to buy their 2023 Canadian National Amateur Team Tournament team beginning on December 23, 2022.

Ads were placed on CQHA’s social media channels for the $250.00Cnd team sponsorship opportunity, and by New Year’s Eve all fifteen (15) were sold out!

The CNATT provides an excellent opportunity for Canadian breeders to acquire national exposure for their breeding program and reach different markets through the social media networks of the Amateurs who are randomly selected to join their team.

Teams leverage the power of their social media networks to promote their team activities and team sponsor. In exchange, team members earn points for their team for the tournament.

Team sponsors are encouraged to outfit their team with branded items to help their team members successfully market their breeding program.

Built on the idea of community and fueled by the power of social media, this program is made by Canadians for Canadians!

Thanks to our fifteen (15) Team sponsors for signing on to what is going to be an amazing year!
Everyone welcome CNATT’s new Sponsors for 2023 :
  • Team K & R Stuart Quarter Horses – The Stuarts have been breeding all-around AQHA horses for 40 years in Manitoba.
  • Team First Timber– Alberta AQHA racing stallion owned by 2022 CQHA Racing Breeder of the year Wesley Olton, CQHA’s 2022 Race Horse Breeder of the Year.
  • Team Rod Jefferies Quarter Horses – Rod has bred multiple Congress and AQHA and NSBA World Champions, based in Ontario and Texas.
  • Team One Lopin Machine- 2005 AQHA stallion sired by A Good Machine out of Ms Zip Bar by Zippo Pine Bar owned by Lindsay Soderberg-Geiger
  • Team Little Valley Quarter Horse – Established in 1978, Little Valley Quarter Horses is a family owned/operated equine breeding and training facility located in Decker, MB. CQHA’s 2022 Performance Horse Breeder of the Year.
  • Team Whitby Farms – home of AQHA stallions Allthatshines Is Joe and Squeak Gun
  • Team Sandy Land Stables – Owned by 2022 CQHA Performance Horse Breeder of the year Barry Foot of Manitoba.
Thank you to our returning sponsors :
  • Team Fleetwood Farms Quarter Horses – Located in Champion, AB the multi-generational ranch also stands  AQHA stallions: Silver Assured, Silver Lincoln, Champ Silverado, Pegasus, and Dun It Ok.CQHA’s 2021 Ranch Breeder of the Year
  • Team Ty2004 Brown Stallion 15.3+ hands. Sired by Macs Good N Plenty and out of Misstig Rebe
  • Team Yall Hashtag This – Yall Hashtag This, is a 2016, 6 panel negative, 15’1 hh chestnut AQHA Stallion, sired by Machine Made out of KM Hot Number by RL Best Of Sudden. A full sibling to Nothing But Nett, Air Ryde, Made Ya Look. Owned by Kate Bamford of Alberta.
  • Team Kirtzinger Quarter Horses – standing AQHA stallions Good Intezionz and Body Shotz. 30 + years as AQHA breeders, located in Hay Lakes, AB
  • Team Sertainly Sierra – A 15.3 H bay, AQHA stallion, 5 panel NN, LWOP NN, AQHA Superior stallion earning 76.5 pts.  AQHA High Pt. Sr. Stallion – 4th, multiple Canadian National Champion and Canadian National Supreme Champion. He is owned by Graham Halter Horses located in Aylesbury, SK. CQHA’s 2022 CNATT Champion Team Sponsor.
  • Team TheWayTheWestWasOne – 15.3 hh Bay AQHA stallion, sired by One Hot Krymsun, out of Rolls Radicalle by Radical Rodder. 6 panel NN. Early booking fee rates if booked before March 15.
  • Team Blu Dualin Boon – 2017 Red Roan AQHA/APHA stallion, sired by 2million dollar sire Once In A Blu Boon and out of Open Futurity Champion Fantastic Plastic. 5 panel NN. Owned by Forever Pine Quarter Horses. CQHA’s 2020 Ranch Breeder of the Year.
  • Team My Sleepy Valentine – 2015 sorrel AQHA Stallion 6 panel NN, Breeders Trust, NSBA SIF & BCF, North Star Futurity & CCF enrolled. CQHA’s 2022 CNATT Reserve Champion Team Sponsor
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Had to Be Ivory Sails to Victory in the Picov Maturity

Bryn Robertson (green shirt), with wife Carol (white cap) and daughter Kim, accepts the Canadian Quarter Horse Association Trainer of the Year Award from Quarter Racing Owners of Ontario president Bob Broadstock (New Image Media Photo)
Had to Be Ivory, owned and bred by Hillsburgh's Carol and Jaime Robertson and trained by Bryn Robertson, won the 9th Picov Maturity easily under Josh Scott - New Image Media Photo
AJAX DOWNS, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, 2022 –  On the day that he was presented with the Canadian Quarter Horse Association’s 2022 AQHA Trainer of the Year award, trainer Bryn Robertson of Hillsburgh, ON sent out champion HAD TO BE IVORY to win the $29,880 Picov Maturity at Ajax Downs.
Had to Be Ivory, the 2019 Horse of the Year making his first start as a 7-year-old, was quick out of the gate at the start of the 300-yard dash and caught front runner Countrys Comin Bac in time to win handily by three-quarters of a length in the fast time of 15.214 for a 102 speed index Carneros, owned by Milena Kwicien of Burlington and ridden by Brian Bell, was up for second by a nose over nine-year-old Countrys Comin Bac, owned by Ralph Pearson.  
Sent off as the 4 to 5 favourite against a strong field of eight other older horses, Had to Be Ivory paid $3.90 to win. Bred in Ontario, Had to Be Ivory is owned and was bred by Robertson’s wife Carol and daughter-in-law Jaime. The9th running of the Picov Maturity was the son of Ivory James’ 17th win in 23 career races. He now has earnings of over $292,000.
Scott, who was riding Had to Be Ivory for the first time, said the gelding had trained well coming into the Maturity and was sharp and ready for the Maturity. “He was leaning a little bit in the gate but I corrected him and he stood like a statue,” said Scott. “After that, he just exploded out of there and I just let him go.”
Robertson, a longtime member of the Quarter Horse racing scene in Ontario, prepared Had to be Ivory at the family’s Hillerin Farm this winter. “My son, Mike, he gallops him at home, his wife Jaime helps out and my wife Carol feeds the horses. It’s a family affair.”
Robertson received the CQHA Award for his contributions to the Quarter Horse breed in Canada, encompassing all disciplines of sport in addition to racing.
*Two Trial races for the $50,000 Princess Derby were also held on the June 1 card at Ajax Downs and both were won by 3-year-old fillies owned by Milena Kwiecien, trained by Jason Pascoe of Pontypool, and ridden by Ismael Mosquiera.
EYE LIVE FOR CANDY won the first Trial and set the fastest time of the two splits of 17.951 for 350 yards, edging John Wilson’s Oh My Gawd by a neck. The second Trial was won by Ontario-sired SW SNOWMAGICALLYKOOL, a daughter of Kwiecien’s stallion Maryland Magic, who won by a neck in a time of 17.968, the second-fastest time of all fillies in the Trials, over Don Reid’s JTC Lil Moonbar.
The $50,000 final of the Princess Derby, with the 10-fastest qualifiers, will be held on a special Father’s Day card of racing on Sunday, June 19.
*Racing at Ajax Downs continues on Wednesday, June 8 with a first race post time of 1:30 p.m. For more information on racing dates and the special event Sundays, visit and follow us on social media @AjaxDowns.
Full live stream of June 1 races at Ajax Downs: 
Member News

2022 Canadian National Amateur Team Tournament


Please note: Once you have submitted your Team Registration you will need to send an eTransfer to to remit your $40 Team Registration fee.

IMPORTANT: Please note the following in your transaction details: Your First & Last Name and the letters “CNATT”

We ask that you complete the transaction within in 12 hours of submitting your registration. As the first ten slots per each geographic Canadian province or region will be assigned by first come first serve.

Veuillez noter : Une fois que vous avez soumis votre inscription d’équipe, vous devrez envoyer un virement électronique à pour verser vos frais d’inscription d’équipe de 40 $.

IMPORTANT: Veuillez noter ce qui suit dans les détails de votre transaction : votre nom et prénom et les lettres “CNATT”

Nous vous demandons de compléter la transaction dans les 12 heures suivant la soumission de votre inscription. Les dix premiers créneaux horaires de chaque province ou région géographique canadienne seront attribués selon le principe du premier arrivé, premier servi.


2022 CNATT Rules
    1. All AQHA rules apply – All Team members must be current members of both AQHA and CQHA.
    2. There will be 10 teams made up of 10 team members, all team assignments will be determined by lottery only.
    3. All amateurs must pay the $40 entry fee. If this fee is not paid by May 1, the exhibitors spot will be given to the next exhibitor on the waitlist
    4. The first 10 Amateurs in each of the following provinces or regions will be assigned to a team automatically: BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, PQ & the Maritime Region .
    5. The remaining 30 spots will be allocated by national lottery – These Team lottery’s will be a LIVE STREAMED SOCIAL EVENT!
    6. ALL POINTS ARE BASED ON THE AMATEUR EXHIBITOR, AND NOT THE HORSE/RIDER COMBO. If an exhibitor shows multiple horses in a class, (i.e., trail) their highest score will be recorded. All AQHA rules apply.
    7. Teams can earn points at ANY AQHA sanctioned event hosted within Canada from May 1, 2022 to December 31st, 2022.
    8. If an exhibitor is eligible through AQHA to show multiple level classes, only their placing which awards then the most number of points will be counted.
    9. Points will be calculated as follows:
      • 1st– 10 points
      • 2nd– 9 points
      • 3rd– 8 points
      • 4th– 7 points
      • 5th– 6 points
      • 6th– 5 points
      • 7th– 4 points
      • 8th– 3 points
      • 9th– 2 points
      • 10th– 1 point
      • Every AQHA Amateur class you enter at a Canadian AQHA sanctioned event will earn your team one half point (1/2) just for participating (rule VIII will apply). It is hoped that this will be an incentive to try something new!
      • Final team points will be calculated on each team member’s 10 best shows for each individual class they show in if they compete in more than one class.
    10. Teams will be chosen at random, but it will be the committee’s prerogative to ensure that teams are balanced with members from across Canada, and the final teams will be up to the committee’s discretion.
    11. It will be the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that all placings posted are correct and to bring any discrepancies to the attention of the committee. If a discrepancy occurs, it will be the show manager’s official report that will be used to determine the correct placings.
    12. Team members can earn additional points for their team by posting
      about their team’s sponsoring stallion on their social media platforms.
      They will earn one (1) point for every five (5) posts they make per platform.
    13. All discrepancies must be brought to the attention of the committee before September 26, 2022. Any issues brought forth after this date will not be addressed.
    14. In the event of a tie, the team winning the greater number of events, then greater number of seconds, etc. will determine the winner.
    15. Get out there, meet new people, and have fun!!!

Q – What if I only show in AQHA amateur walk trot classes, am I still eligible to register for a spot on a team?

A – YES!!! AQHA amateur walk trot classes are eligible! ANY AQHA approved Amateur class, offered in ANY level, at ANY Canadian sanctioned AQHA event happening from May 1st to December 31st is a class that can earn you points for your team!

Q – What if I only show in one event, will I still be an asset to a team if I register?

A – YES!!! If you are an Amateur who specializes in one AQHA event, you are an asset to your team! Your best ten (10) placings in your event will be calculated towards your team’s overall point calculation. Remember that each class you enter however does earn your team a half point even if you do not place (Rule VIII – 8 does apply) so please consider this as an incentive to try something new as well. ALSO, there will be non-horse activities hosted by the Canadian AQHA affiliates and regions throughout the show season. Each of these activities is another opportunity for you to have fun, socialize with your team members and other amateurs, and earn your team points!

Q – There are only a few Canadian AQHA sanctioned events in my area or that I plan to show at in 2022, would my participation be of value to my team?

A – YES!!! Many Canadian AQHA circuits and sanctioned events offer multiple sets of AQHA points, each set of AQHA points (one set of points per AQHA judge/ show) is an actual AQHA show, and only your top 10 placings in your best 10 shows will be calculated. If you only attend a couple of Canadian AQHA events in 2022 it is likely that you will still accumulate 10 shows or close to it. PLUS, there will be non-horse activities hosted by the Canadian AQHA affiliates and regions throughout the show season. Each of these activities is another opportunity for you to have fun, socialize with your team members and other amateurs, and earn your team points! 

Q – I show more than one horse, do I need to declare which horse I am showing in which classes?

A – NO!!! All AQHA rules apply, so if you are eligible to compete on more than one horse in a given class, you may. Only the placing that earns you the most points will be calculated. All points are calculated by class per exhibitor not on a horse/rider combination.

Q – If I register, I see that I will be assigned a team by lottery, can I change teams if I would rather be on my friend’s team or have someone else take my place?

A – NO! Team swapping or substitutions/replacements will NOT be allowed. The whole reason for assigning teams via a lottery is to help you meet new people and connect with other Canadian amateurs. The goal of the tournament is to provide an opportunity for amateurs to have fun and develop and strengthen the Canadian quarter horse community, the competition and awesome awards is just the icing on the cake!

  1. Tous les règlements de l’AQHA s’appliquent.
  2. Tous les amateurs doivent payer les frais d’inscription de 40 $. Si ces frais ne sont pas payés avant le 1er mai, la place de l’exposant sera donnée au prochain exposant sur la liste d’attente.
  3. Les 10 premiers amateurs dans chacune des provinces ou régions suivantes seront automatiquement assignés à une équipe : BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, PQ et la région des Maritimes.
  4. Les 30 places restantes seront attribuées par la loterie nationale – Ces loteries d’équipe seront un ÉVÉNEMENT SOCIAL DIFFUSÉ EN DIRECT !
  5. TOUS LES POINTS SONT BASÉS SUR L’EXPOSANT AMATEUR, ET NON SUR LE COUPLE CHEVAL/CAVALIER. Si un exposant présente plusieurs chevaux dans une classe (par exemple, trail), son score le plus élevé sera enregistré. Toutes les règles de l’AQHA s’appliquent.
  6. Si un exposant est autorisé par l’AQHA à présenter les classes L1 et L2, seul son meilleur score sera enregistré.
  7. Les équipes peuvent gagner des points à TOUT événement sanctionné par l’AQHA organisé au Canada du 1er mai 2022 au 31 decembre 2022.
  8. Si un exposant est éligible par l’intermédiaire de l’AQHA pour présenter plusieurs classes de niveau, seul son classement qui attribue le plus grand nombre de points sera pris en compte.
  9. Les points seront calculés comme suit :
    • 1er- 10 points
    • 2ème – 9 points
    • 3ème – 8 points
    • 4ème- 7 points
    • 5ème – 6 points
    • 6ème- 5 points
    • 7ème – 4 points
    • 8ème- 3 points
    • 9ème – 2 points
    • 10ème- 1 point
    • Chaque classe amateure de l’AQHA que vous inscrivez à un événement canadien sanctionné par l’AQHA rapportera à votre équipe un demi-point (1/2) juste pour sa participation (la règle VIII s’appliquera). On espère que ce sera une incitation à essayer quelque chose de nouveau!

    • Les points finaux de l’équipe seront calculés sur les 10 meilleurs shows de chaque membre de l’équipe pour chaque classe individuelle dans laquelle ils concourent s’ils concourent dans plus d’une classe.

  10. Les équipes seront choisies au hasard, mais le comité aura la prérogative de s’assurer que les équipes sont équilibrées avec des membres de partout au Canada, et les équipes finales seront à la discrétion du comité.
  11. l incombe à l’exposant de s’assurer que tous les classements affichés sont corrects et de porter toute divergence à l’attention du comité. Si une divergence se produit, c’est le rapport officiel du gestionnaire de l’évènement qui sera utilisé pour déterminer le classement correct.
  12. Les membres de l’équipe peuvent gagner des points supplémentaires pour leur équipe en publiant sur l’étalon parrain de leur équipe sur leurs plateformes de médias sociaux. Ils gagneront un (1) point tous les cinq (5) messages qu’ils publient par plateforme.
  13. Toutes les divergences doivent être portées à l’attention du comité avant le 26 septembre 2022. Toute question soulevée après cette date ne sera pas traitée.
  14. En cas d’égalité, l’équipe qui remporte le plus grand nombre d’épreuves, puis le plus grand nombre de secondes, etc. déterminera le gagnant.
  15. Sortez, rencontrez de nouvelles personnes et amusez-vous ! !!

Q – Que se passe-t-il si je ne participe qu’aux classes de trot au pas amateur de l’AQHA, suis-je toujours éligible pour m’inscrire pour une place dans une équipe ?

A- OUI !!! Les cours de trot au pas amateur de l’AQHA sont admissibles! N’IMPORTE QUELLES classes amateurs approuvées par l’AQHA, offert à N’IMPORTE QUEL niveau, à N’IMPORTE QUEL événement canadien sanctionné par l’AQHA qui se déroule du 1er mai au 31 décembre est un cours qui peut vous rapporter des points pour votre équipe !

Q – Que se passe-t-il si je ne participe qu’à un seul événement, serai-je toujours un atout pour une équipe si je m’inscris ?

A- OUI !!! Si vous êtes un amateur spécialisé dans un événement AQHA, vous êtes un atout pour votre équipe! Vos dix (10) meilleurs classements dans votre épreuve seront pris en compte dans le calcul global des points de votre équipe. N’oubliez pas que chaque classe dans laquelle vous participé rapporte cependant à votre équipe un demi-point même si vous ne vous classez pas (la règle VIII – 8 s’applique), veuillez donc considérer cela comme une incitation à essayer quelque chose de nouveau également. AUSSI, il y aura des activités non équestres organisées par les affiliés canadiens de l’AQHA et les régions tout au long de la saison des expositions. Chacune de ces activités est une autre occasion pour vous de vous amuser, de socialiser avec les membres de votre équipe et d’autres amateurs et de gagner vos points d’équipe !

Q – Il n’y a que quelques événements sanctionnés par l’AQHA canadienne dans ma région ou auxquels je prévois de participer en 2022, ma participation serait-elle utile à mon équipe ?

 A- OUI !!! De nombreux circuits canadiens de l’AQHA et événements sanctionnés offrent plusieurs ensembles de points AQHA, chaque ensemble de points AQHA (un ensemble de points par juge/compétition AQHA) est un véritable spectacle AQHA, et seuls vos 10 meilleurs classements dans vos 10 meilleurs spectacles seront calculés. Si vous n’assistez qu’à quelques événements canadiens de l’AQHA en 2022, il est probable que vous accumulerez encore 10 spectacles ou presque. DE PLUS, il y aura des activités non équestres organisées par les affiliés canadiens de l’AQHA et les régions tout au long de la saison des expositions. Chacune de ces activités est une autre occasion pour vous de vous amuser, de socialiser avec les membres de votre équipe et d’autres amateurs et de gagner vos points d’équipe !

Q – Je participe avec plus d’un cheval, dois-je déclarer quel cheval j’expose et dans quelles épreuves ?

A- NON !!! Toutes les règles de l’AQHA s’appliquent, donc si vous êtes admissible à concourir sur plus d’un cheval dans une classe donnée, seul le classement qui vous rapportera le plus de points sera calculé. Tous les points sont calculés par classe par exposant et non sur une combinaison cheval/cavalier.

Q – Si je m’inscris, je vois qu’une équipe me sera attribuée par tirage au sort, puis-je changer d’équipe si je préfère être dans l’équipe de mon ami ou que quelqu’un d’autre prenne ma place ?

A- NON ! L’échange d’équipe ou les substitutions/remplacements ne seront PAS autorisés. La seule raison d’assigner des équipes via une loterie est de vous aider à rencontrer de nouvelles personnes et à vous connecter avec d’autres amateurs canadiens. Le but du tournoi est de fournir une opportunité aux amateurs de s’amuser et de développer et de renforcer la communauté canadienne du quarter horse, la compétition et les superbes récompenses ne sont que la cerise sur le gâteau !

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2022 CQHA Trainer of the Year

Bryn Robertson of Hillerin Farm in Hillsburgh, Ontario

Bryn Robertson lives with his wife Carole on their 150-acre farm in Hillsburgh, Ontario.

Just a teenager when he met Carol, a horse-crazy girl from Islington, Ontario who was riding horses before he was. Bryn learned to ride through Carol and the pair immersed themselves in various events including barrels and pole bending, showing, and winning prizes across the province. They joined many other horse owners and raced in quarter mile dashes for fun on farms north of Toronto including Circle M Ranch, owned by Al Greco.

Hillerin farm was originally purchased by Carole’s parents; they have called it their home for now well over 50 years. The couple raised three children who are still heavily involved with horses as are many of their grandchildren including Cody Sabila CQHA’s 2021 Rising Star award recipient, for many years they raised and owned dozens of top Barrel and Race Horses.

Originally from Wales, Bryn was just 3-years-old when he arrived in Canada with his parents soon after his father fought in World War II.

“There were 1,800 people on a boat coming to Canada,” said Bryn. “The crazy thing is, we went over a mine in the ocean and it blew a hole in the boat and we had to go back to France for it to be patched up. It took two weeks to get to Canada.”

The Robertsons made a permanent move to racing Quarter Horses before the new millennium and raced their first horse under trainer Wayne Proctor at Picov Downs’ J-track in 2000. Bryn watched and studied other trainers and achieved his own license in 2004. Working initially with horses purchased at sales and more recently with horses bred at his farm with Carol, son Mike and daughter-in-law Jaime, Bryn has trained numerous champions and several Horses of the Year.

His stars include the mare Had to Be Fandango, stakes winner of over $145,000 who has gone on to produce 2019 Horse of the Year Had to Be Ivory and one of 2020’s top juveniles Had to Be Relentless.

Bryn’s purchase in 2011 of One Famous Glass at a sale in Oklahoma changed his life as the sorrel gelding became one of Ontario’s top horses for almost a decade. Named 2013 Horse of the Year, One Famous Glass recently retired with 20 wins, including numerous stakes victories and earnings over $294,000.

Bryn’s ability to keep his horses healthy, happy and in top form for most of their career has made him one of the province’s most accomplished conditioners.

Robertson has excelled at every aspect of the industry, from breeding to racing, and making sure that his horses have the right home to start their second careers. He has dedicated his life to horses, not just as trainer but as a horseman as well. Putting the good of the horse ahead of anything else Bryn understands that if the horses are taken care of, then they will take care of you.

Bryn Robertson has had some of the top horses ever to run at Ajax Downs. He has had 3 Horse of the Year winners, multiple champions of all ages, and currently his horses own 2 track records. Mr. Robertson prides himself on breeding the best he can and that all started the day he purchased Hadtobefandango. Who has gone on to produce three extremely productive horses and all three have been recognized as champions by Quarter Racing Owners of Ontario Inc (QROOI). And all three have proudly been born on his Hillerin Farm. Since 2013 he has trained at minimum 6 champions from QROORI. Mr. Robertson also trained and bred 2018 and 2019 AQHA Canadian Champion Had to Be Ivory. In 2019 he has 3 horses nominated for AQHA Canadian Champion, 2 of them he bred and both were from his broodmare Hadtobefandango.

With all the success that Bryn has had he has never forgotten his roots and is always willing to help in his community. Each year at the Erin Fall Fair he takes one of his horses so that he can showcase quarter horse racing to the community. In 2019 he and his wife Carol were honored with induction into the Erin Fall Fair Hall of Fame.

As per Equibase Bryn Roberts is listed as a “Best Racing Class Achieved Multiple Stakes Winning Trainer” with 741 career starts, 154 wins, 117 seconds, and 115 thirds and total lifetime earnings of $1,982,719.00

Written with excerpts from Jennifer Morrison’s The Robertsons: Living the Quarter Horse dream


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2022 CQHA Race Horse Breeder of the Year

Wesley Oulton is an active participant in Alberta’s Quarter Horse racing industry. In 2021 his AQHRA breeder stats were: 54 starts: 7 wins, 7 seconds, 10 thirds for earnings totaling $170,736CND

He was the breeder of the 2021 (25th Anniversary) Canada Quarter Horse Cup (RG3) Futurity winner: Wave Burner, whom is a fourth generation bred horse from his breeding program. Wave Burner’s great grandmother (A Dare You Dash) participated in the futurity’s inaugural running in 1997.

Owner of the stallion First Timber, he is only one of six stallions with progeny earnings of over $1 Million to stand in Western Canada, all accomplished while standing in Alberta. First Timber has been awarded the AQHRA Champion Sire each year since 2014.

Oulton is an AQHA 40 year breeder who bred and owns AQHA’s  2020 Canadian Racing Champion Eyesa Timber, which also helped him win the 2020 AQHA Canadian Hi-Point Breeder award. Wes has also been awarded the AQHRA Champion Breeder in each year consecutively since 2018.

Breeder of two nominees for 2021 AQHA Canadian Racing Champion: O First Sweet Heart and Wave Burner, the extent and acclamation of Wes’ breeding program is seen through Wave Burner. This gelding is a fourth-generation product. His grandmother was bred to one of the first stallions Wes stood in Alberta, El Rey Burner, producing the own daughter Sass N Dass. After a successful racing career, she was bred to First Timber and produced a daughter, First Prize Sass,  Wave Buner’s dam. The Gelding won the the Canada Cup Quarter Horse Futurity in a remarkable time of 20.4 seconds in 6″ of mud on the Century Mile Track.

Wes Oulton has spent years both developing and advancing the sport of Quarter Horse Racing in the Province of Alberta and North America.  He has volunteered countless hours on various boards and committees, including Horse Racing Alberta, Alberta Running Quarter Horse Association, and the AQHA.

First Timber continues to stand in Canada as the highest money earning Canadian Quarter Horse Stallion in Canadian history, proudly owned by Wesley Oulton and standing at Rolling O Ranch.

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2022 CQHA Performance Horse Breeder of the Year

Sandy Land Stables - Barry Foote

Barry Foote established Sandy Land Stables in 1980 with the vision of breeding quality AQHA Quarter Horses using a well bred band of brood mares and importing semen from the top Quarter Horse stallions in the world. Progeny from his breeding program are now showing internationally in both Western and English events. 

It has been proven that it takes great mares to consistently produce world caliber foals. The mares assembled by Sandy Land Stables are of that quality and are now producing third generation fillies who are being added to the band.

A member of AQHA for 40 years contributing to the production of top quality quarter horses and supporting the breed in many ways, through support and sponsorship of local quarter horse shows as well as sponsoring and attending the QHAA hosted Canadian National Quarter Horse Show in Red Deer, AB where many of his horses have had a great deal of success over the years including many National and Reserve National Championships and Futurity Champions. 

Barry has repeatedly supported and hosted 4-H members by offering up his facility for club events as well as giving clinics and lessons to youth and adults. He has always been a large supporter of youth involvement and education with horses.  Giving riding lessons from his facility every winter for many years teaching all levels of youth and adults from people who had never ridden before to those competing at quarter horse shows. Barry thoroughly enjoys helping people achieve their goals and abilities with their horses. 

One of the first mares Barry Foote started his breeding program with was Katies Solo a daughter of Swift Solo. Katie was an appendix quarter horse who Barry showed successfully to get her AQHA papers. 

Foote, being presented the Trophy Buckle for the 2022 CQHA Performance Breeder of the Year on March 26, 2022 by CQHA President, Dr. Gilles Seguin at the AQHA / CQHA Canadian Summit and Awards Banquet in Brandon, MB.

Katie went on to raise many foals who went on to compete with the best in the world. Barry Foote purchased Dynamically Designed when she retired from showing. She had an incredible show career winning multiple Canadian National Championships and Canadian National Superhorse titles under the guidance of Dean Ross. ‘Maggie’ went on to produce many more Canadian National Champions, Reserve Champions, and World Show qualifiers. Barry purchased ‘I’m Poppin Hot’ at the AQHA World Show sale and she has been

one of his top producing mares. She produced a filly “I’m Poppin Good” who has gone on to produce AQHA Champions and significant point earners. 

Barry Foote bred a stallion So Dignified who was by Diversified out of Katie Solo. Jigger sired many babies in the area including a Manitoba Superhorse 50/50 Futurity Champion. Barry Foote also stood working bred stallion Zans Hot Spur and between the two stallions and his mares consigned foals to local futurities including the Manitoba Superhorse 50/50 futurity. 

Barry bred Only Invitational who was purchased and taken overseas to Germany where he has been the number one Quarter Horse stallion in that Quarter Horse market and was the leading halter sire in the World for a time. 

Barry has utilized shipped semen as well as embryo transfer processes to successfully breed his mares over the years. Barry is well respected by everyone involved in the horse world locally and internationally. 

Barry’s current mare band includes daughters of Invitation Only, Machine Made, Too Sleepy to Zip, Zippos Mr Good Bar, RL Best of Sudden, No Doubt I’m Lazy, and VS Code Red. Barry has some of the best top quality bred mares in all of Canada. Barry has plans to breed to LL Cool Bay and Machine Made this spring. 

Barry Foote has shown one of his yearlings in the Gold Rush Futurity lunge line class at the Canadian National Quarter Horse show every year which he has won or taken reserve championships multiple times. Barry has also shown in the states winning lunge line classes there as well including the Emerald Futurity. 

Barry’s breeding program is well respected and he showcases his horses with confidence and people are always excited to see the baby’s he brings out. 

Barry has dedicated his life to producing the best bred Quarter Horses without ever receiving any recognition and there isn’t anyone more deserving of the Performance Horse Breeder of the Year award then Barry Foote. 

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2022 AQHA/CQHA Summit

The 2022 AQHA / CQHA Canadian Summit was hosted at the Keystone Center in Brandon, Manitoba from March 25th to 27th, 2022.

CQHA hosted a strategic planning meeting for the association on the 25th, which was facilitated by CQHA president Dr. Gilles Seguin and offered CQHA members to participate both in-person and virtually. Additionally a Special Members meeting of the association was called at this venue to table the CQHA Bylaws vol. 5 as first presented by the Governance committee at the 2021 AGM, this meeting was also facilitated through the association’s Zoom platform to accommodate members who could on attend in person.

Equestrian Canada also presented an information session on the Canadian National Equine Identification Program. All meetings were well attended and were recorded. Interested persons may view the strategic planning meeting and Equine ID info session on the association’s Instagram platform at @cndquarterhorseassoc. Minutes of the Special Members meeting can be obtained by request to

AQHA formally welcomed all in attendance on Friday evening with a social event which included a reception and a reserved box seat for the Brandon Wheat Kings Junior A Hockey game. Saturday kicked off a full day of discussions and presentations around the business of the Quarter Horse Industry.

The AQHA was represented at the event in person by Sierra Kane – Director of International Activities, Paula Newman – Chief Operating Officer, and Joanne Sapuder – Manager of Multilingual Resources and Communication. Justin Billings, AQHA Chief Show Officer joined us virtually. Presentations were made by the AQHA International department, the show and contest department, and Paula Newman provided an updated strategic overview of AQHA operations as they pertain to their international affiliates. A roundtable discussion was also facilitated on various topics of concern to the industry, such as competitions and rules, membership, animal welfare, and communications.

Saturday evening CQHA hosted its very first awards banquet and presentation, in order to present the 2022 CQHA Annual awards and introduce the 2022 Honourees of the CQHA Horse of Merit Program. This evening was hosted in-person by CQHA president Gilles Seguin, and the virtual portion of the awards presentations was hosted by 2nd vice president Brad Bowie. Special guest International Long Rider, best selling author and star of the international award willing documentary The Long Rider, Filipe Leite joined us virtually to premier the trailer for his full length documentary film and introduce the winner of the 2022 CQHA Horse of the Year.

The summit wrapped up Sunday with the Education Day on equine health and welfare presentation by Keynote Speaker Dr. Gillian Dobson.

AQHA has indicated that it would like to hold a summit in Canada every two years. The previous Canadian summit prior to 2022’s was held in Saskatoon, SK February 14-16, 2020.

CQHA would like to thank the staff at the Keystone Center for their hospitality and attention to detail. We would also like to thank AQHA International Department’s Melyna Bencosme, for all her assistance in helping to plan the event.

Finally thank you to the AQHA/CQHA members who joined us both in person and virtually, your contributions to our association help us create a more informed and inclusive Canadian Quarter Horse community.

AQHA's Sierra Kane was equipped with all the essentials need for full enjoyment of a Canadian Junior A Hockey Game!
AQHA International Director Sierra Kane speaks to a group of AQHA/CQHA members at the Summit Welcome reception.
CQHA equipped the AQHA staff members who presented at the summit with a a CQHA/AQHA branded toque, a Brandon Wheat King's puck, a mini stick, and a cow bell! L to R: Paula, Sierra, & Joanne
ducation Day at the 2022 AQHA/CQHA summit with Keynote Speaker Dr. Gillian Dobson.
CQHA/ AQHA Director from Manitoba, and event chair person, Larry Clifford "modelling" some of the awesome "CQHA Merch" the association offered this year.