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2023 Canadian Youth AQHA Show Leaders

These are the Unofficial Canadian Youth who placed in the top 50 of their respective classes and divisions for 2023

Point totals may change as show results are verified. The 2023 Show Leaders List will be official on January 25, 2024. Please head to for the official results

Youth Rookie Show Leaders 2023

Showmanship 26th – Cendryn Generoux

Kruzen For Cash

Kitchener, ON

Horsemanship 24th – Cendryn Generoux

Kruzen For Cash


Ranch Riding 6th – Emily Firth

Viper Cat

Aldergrove, BC

Youth Level 1 Show Leaders 2023

Performance Halter Geldings 4th  – Cendryn Generoux

Kruzen For Cash

Kitchener, ON

Performance Halter Geldings 8th – Emily Firth

Reliable Mechanic

Aldergrove, BC

Showmanship 17th – Tylar Randall Gray

OHK Pininfor Krymsun

Lake George, NS

Showmanship 36th – Cendryn Generoux

Kruzen For Cash

Kitchener, ON

Showmanship 44th – Taylor MacMullin

Find Your Drive

Toronto, ON

Western Riding 27th – Mackenzie E Landry

One Tuff Red Head

Paris, ON

Western Riding 39th – Gillian Merkley

RW Get It On

Prescott, ON

Barrel Racing 20th – Madison Lehman-Ionson


Drumbo, ON

Trail 25th – Tylar Randall Gray

OHK Pininfor Krymsun

Lake George, NS

Trail 49th – Emily Yates

The Hot Moonlite

North Bay, ON

Performance Halter Mares 23rd – Kirsten Glassel

Moonlite Maid

Langley, BC

Horsemanship 33rd – Gillian Merkley

RW Get It On

Prescott, ON

Western Pleasure 46th – Adelynn Fisher

Kiss This Machine

Amherst, NS

Equitation 31st – Tylar Randall Gray

OHK Pininfor Krymsun

Lake George, NS

Equitation 41st – Gillian Merkley

RW Get It On

Prescott, ON

Hunter Under Saddle 21st – Morgan G Corkum

Blazin To The Blues

Yarmouth, NS

Hunter Under Saddle 25th – Gillian Merkley

RW Get It On

Prescott, ON

Hunter Under Saddle 31st – Hailey Olson

Gota Wear My Silks

Mayfield, SK

Hunter Under Saddle 34th – Erin Nicole Duquette

Itsa Afterhoursthing

Glencoe, ON

Hunter Under Saddle 49th – Claire Sophia Little

Song Of Tha South

Stilesville, NB

Youth Level 2 Show Leaders 2023

Equitation 10th – Hailey Olson

Gota Wear My Silks

Maryfield, SK

Ranch Riding 1st – Hailey Olson

Im N Slow Motion

Maryfield, SK

Showmanship 22nd – Hailey Olson

Gota Wear My Silks

Maryfield, SK

Trail 13th – Abigail Parker-Spratt Dunlevy

Surely A Good Cowboy


Youth Level 3 Show Leaders 2023

Working Cow Horse Boxing 17th – Ariana De Jong


Langley, BC

Western Pleasure 35th – Cole A Corkum

Moonlites Hot Baby

Yarmouth, NS

Western Pleasure 46th – Hannah Marie Perkins

VS Money Line

Havelock, NS

Equitation 49th – Gillian Merkley

RW Get It On

Prescott, ON

Hunter Under Saddle 31st – Kaidyn Sandi Goodwin

Straight Up Blue

Tusket, NS

Hunter Under Saddle 35th – Morgan G Corkum

Blazin To The Blues

Yarmouth, NS

Performance Halter Geldings 27th – Hannah Marie Perkins

VS Money Line

Havelock, NS

Performance Halter Geldings 47th – Gillian Merkley

RW Get It On

Prescott, ON

Performance Halter Geldings 50th – Kaden Tyler Bell

Dressed Tobe Smooth

Prince Albert, SK

Showmanship 37th – Hannah Marie Perkins

VS Money Line

Havelock, NS

Showmanship 38th – Jessica Spilman

A Sleepy Sensation

Fredericton, NB

Showmanship – 50th – Gillian Merkley

RW Get It On

Prescott, ON

Reining 24th – Ariana De Jong

White Chocolat Chunk

Langley, BC

Reining 43th – Ariana De Jong


Langley, BC

Barrel Racing 16th – Alexis Weaver

Dash Ta Fortunes

Chatham, ON

Trail 50th – Tylar Randall Gray

OHK Pininfor Krymsun

Lake George, NS

Performance Halter Mares 15th – Claire Sophia Little

Song Of Tha South

Stilesville, NB

Performance Halter Mares 41st – Mackenzie E Landry

One Tuff Red Head

Paris, ON

Halter Mares 16th – Carly C Weagle


Belnan, NS

Halter Mares 21st – Stella Taylor

Shes A Dream Machine

Welchtown, NS

Halter Mares 35th – Jolianne Labbe

Ridge Onegood Pepper

Levis, QB

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Alberta Youth Wins Extreme World Champion with Canadian-Bred

Leduc youth Sophie Garrington and her horse Yall Check This Out AKA "Buddy" make their way through an obstacle at the Extreme Cowboy Association World Finals in Glen Rose, Texas.
Coach Nicole Hirsekorn and Sophie Garrington celebrate victory.

The Extreme Cowboy Association hosted their 2023 World Championships from November 1st to 5th at the Somervell Expo Center in Glen Rose, Texas.

For 1o-year-old Sophie Garrington of Leduc, Alberta and her partner Yall Check This Out aka “Buddy” it was a trip to Texas that they won’t soon forget!

Garrington and “Buddy” a 2012 Canadian-Bred bay gelding sired by Im Countin Checks out of Sweet Style by Docs Stylish Oak. were crowned the 2023


Yall Check This Out was bred by Jim Wilson of Leduc County, AB.


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Fresno State University Signs Saskatchewan Rider to their Equestrian Team

Hailey Olson, 17 of Maryfeild, Sask. made a number of  headlines this year with success at some of the Quarter Horse industry’s major shows!

Olson is the reining 2023  AQHA Level 1 West Champion in  the L1 Hunter Under Saddle, and also added the reserve championship title in the L1 Showmanship, and a bronze finish in the L1 Hunt Seat Equitation to her accomplishments.

As a member of  CQHA’s 2023 Team Canada for the  AQH Youth Word Cup hosted in Byron – College STation Texas June 29 to July 9th this year Olsen brought home the bronze metal  competing against a tough group of horses and international riders in the Hunter Under Saddle on Kathy Darnell Lees horse Terrific Lee Hot (MJ).

Rounding out her summer Olson competed at both the National Snaffle Bit Association World Show and the AQHYA World Championships, where she won two additional  bronze trophies in the hunter events!

This Past signing day, Hailey Olson from Maryfield Saskatchewan, joined an elite group of Canadian riders who have excelled at Fresno State, Hannah Buijs of Ontario who is a recent graduate, and Abby Goddard also from Sask. who joined the team in 2022. When asked to comment about her recent commitment to the “Bull Dogs” Olson told us “It’s an exciting experience, that I’ve been dreaming of since starting showing AQHA!”

The CQHA community  is  incredibly proud of you Hailey and all of your successes. We can’t wait to cheer you on! Go Bulldogs! 

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Canadian Hannah Buijs Shines as an Athlete and Scholar at California State University, Fresno

By Hannah Buijs as told to Lynn Riley

Being an NCAA Division 1 student-athlete comes with a lot of time commitment and responsibility, but is an unforgettable journey. Personally, I feel as though I experienced the most out of being a student-athlete. Not only did I enter my collegiate career as a Biochemistry major, but I was also a competing member of the Fresno State Equestrian Team, traveling to every away meet we participated in.

Additionally, I was a team captain and a member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. Therefore, I had a very demanding schedule. Despite this, it taught me a variety of life skills, such as time management and encouraged me to engage in a more active and healthy lifestyle.
A typical day for me, as an undergraduate, consisted of arriving at the barn at 7:00 a.m. for barn chores, followed by a one-hour riding practice. Then I would go to class for most of the day (as a science major meant lectures and 3-4 hour labs a couple times a week). My day would conclude with a one-hour fitness workout (twice a week) and catching up on homework and studying. In addition, I was spending time working as part of a research group in the chemistry department.

One of the many perks to Fresno State is that the equestrian facility is on campus, allowing me to go to the barn in between classes and cutting down a lot of travel time. I also liked in particular that we were assigned chore horses each year that we had to care for throughout the semester, so it was like having your own horse with you! Even though the team and school kept me busy, I argued that I wasn’t busy enough and still had extra time. Therefore, I decided to rescue a dog and retire a team horse in my spare time.

Living in Fresno, California also enabled me to travel and explore places where I’d never been. Throughout my time here, I have spent a lot of days in the mountains (where I was able to get my snow fix), as well as the beaches, oceans and lakes. One of the greatest advantages in my experience being a student-athlete aside from the obvious horse part, is the community you become a part of. Being a part of a team meant that you had family right from the start, which is important when you move across the continent to a different country! Older teammates are able to tell you which professors are more suitable for you and can lend you used books for classes you may have had in common. We have a great academic-athletic advisor that helped me with picking classes and ensuring I was staying on track with graduation. The team also has access to free tutors, a nutritionist, a private workout facility and a sports medicine facility. Our coaching staff created a welcoming environment and pushed me to be my best with every practice. Additionally, I was able to partake in other disciplines such as the jumping seat events and reining. This only improved my appreciation of these wonderful animals and the sport they allow us to do.

Some of my highlights over my five years on the team include becoming All-American Second Team in the Horsemanship and the All Big 12 Conference Horsemanship Team, and being named to the All-Academic First Team and All Big 12 Conference Academic First Team every year. I was also awarded with the Fresno State Horsemanship Rider of the Year for two years and received the Workhorse Award and the Award of Excellence. I am eternally grateful for all of the amazing horses I had the opportunity to meet and ride.

I highly recommend exploring the opportunity to become a member of a NCAA Equestrian Team. It is an experience like no other that enables you to do what you love while achieving a degree and opens so many doors for your future. The community you become a part of provides you with a home away from home and a variety of connections through various workshops put on by the athletics department. WHAT could be better than creating lifelong friendships with people who share the same passion as you, and spending time riding and caring for horses while achieving a university degree?

For other Canadians interested in recruitment for an equestrian team, recommend creating an academic and athletic resume, as well as putting together some videos of yourself riding multiple
horses, then contacting coaches from the schools you are interested in and sending this information to them. A variety of schools also put on equestrian camps, which are a great way for coaches to see your skills/work ethic, and for you to get an idea of the NCEA format, as it is different than what we know
from the CQHA/AQHA world. In addition, I recommend showing at some shows in the USA, especially the bigger ones such as the All American Quarter Horse Congress and AQHYA World Show where many coaches often go to recruit. Don’t be afraid to send a follow up email to the coaches of schools you are interested in, letting them know where you will be showing so they can keep an eye out for you!

If anyone has any questions or wants to learn more about the student-athlete experience, please feel free to send me an email:

You just never know what the future holds – follow your dreams!!!!!

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Youth Member From Nova Scotia Authors Children’s Book

An Entrepreneurial Mom and a New Horse Inspire 13 Year Old

Sadie’s Story is available online from Amazon, Chapters Indigo, Target and Barnes & Noble. It is also available in select Chapters, Indigo and Coles stores across Canada. You can learn more about the book and follow Kacey and Nora’s journey on Instagram and Facebook at

It is no secret to those of us in the horse world that horses and everything that goes with them is expensive. Really expensive. Like so many of us who have horses today, I was once a little girl who dreamed of having a horse someday. But, I always heard the same story from my parents – “horses are too expensive” and “we know that you won’t look after it”. So I grew up riding every horse that someone would let me ride and dreaming of someday owning my own horse. I was always grateful to have friends and relatives who were willing to share their horses with me.

Fast forward to 2018. I was a solo parent to three incredible humans and my youngest daughter, Kacey, who was 10 at the time, started asking if she could have a horse. To make sure it wasn’t just a passing phase, I signed her up for riding lessons with a local coach, Taylor Folkerstma of TF Show Horses (Stewiacke, NS).

Like all first lessons with new riders, Taylor started her on a bomb-proof horse with a lunge line. About 20 minutes into that first lesson, Taylor unhooked the lunge line and had Kacey jogging around the arena on her own. My heart went into panic mode for a few minutes watching my
little girl ride around, controlling a very large animal all by herself, until I saw Kacey’s beaming face … and I knew she was hooked.

Kacey continued to take one lesson a week for the next year but her love for the sport kept growing and she wanted to do more. She wanted to have her own horse to take to shows and to ride more often than once a week. Taylor helped us find the perfect horse, Sadie (Hot Time to Invest), a 2006 AQHA Chestnut Mare. Although we were warned about the stereotypical personality of the chestnut mare, we knew that Sadie was one of the good ones. Sadie was quiet, kind and patient — the ideal first horse for a little girl.

Over the next year, Kacey and Sadie spent a lot of time together. Sadie taught Kacey so much and helped improve her riding skills tremendously. She loved Kacey and would follow her around anywhere, without the need for a lead-line. They bonded the way every horse owner dreams of bonding with their trusted companion.

In February 2021, Kacey and I were at the barn and her coach and mentor, Taylor, said in passing, “you guys should buy Nora”. I had no idea who Nora was so she explained to me that she was a two-year old bay filly from Krymsun Farm named Ms Good Tyme Krymsun and that she was definitely going places. No one had ridden her yet but she had been saddled and had tons of ground work done with her. She was quiet and had a great personality. Because this
conversation happened in front of Kacey (of course) it then became constant begging and pleading from my now 13-year old – “Mom, can we get her?”, “Mom, she is so pretty”, “Mom, pleeeeaaassseeee”.

Again, I am a solo parent and I am also a solo entrepreneur, struggling to make ends meet through a global pandemic, in addition to supporting my son who was battling cancer. I knew that Kacey would benefit so much from going through the process of training a young horse and that it would help take her mind off of what a hard year we were having. But I couldn’t afford the horse and all of the expenses that go with her.

So, I challenged Kacey to come up with a way to help pay for Nora. The next day we sat down and brainstormed ways that teenagers can make money – Google showed us lots of ideas! As we scrolled through the ideas, Kacey had a “lightbulb moment” and said, “Mom, you published a book last year, I could do the same as you! I could write an inspirational children’s book with a horse as the main character!” And, the next morning, Kacey sat down and did just that!

The final product is called Sadie’s Story: It is Okay to be Different. Sadie’s Story uses horses as characters to focus on how it is okay to be different and on the power of the unconditional love between a little girl and her horse. It was adorably illustrated by another young Nova Scotian horse girl, Megan Johnson, making her dream come true of being a children’s book illustrator. It is quickly becoming a favourite for all horse lovers, young and young-at-heart.

And, of course, Nora (Ms Good Tyme Krymsun) and Kacey are now teammates and are working hard to get ready for western pleasure shows this summer. In addition to working with Nora, Kacey spent the summer of 2021 learning more about reining and had the opportunity to show at her first reining show on our friend’s horse, Henry (Twistology), owned by Dr. Laura Buckland. And she also learned about liberty, horsemanship and how to connect with your
horse. She is passionate about learning everything she can about horses and is fortunate to have some amazing mentors.

‘Kacey hopes that this story helps other young horse lovers dream big and find creative ways to try to make those dreams come true. And, as her mom, I am thrilled to be watching her live her dreams, which were once my dreams that I never got to live.

Submitted by Karen Dean (Facebook and Instagram — @karendeanspeaks)

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Spooks Big Bang & Brianna Carr

Brianna Carr & Spooks Big Bang the 2020 Virtual Youth World Cup Reining Bronze Mentalist & "Bubba's" owners Brian and Giselle Aebly.
Spooks Big Bang (Spooks Gotta Gun x Licky Little Latte) is a 2012 AQHA stallion with NRHA lifetime earnings in excess of $39,000

In December 2020, seven youth from across Canada competed in six events as a part of the 2020 AQHA Virtual Youth World Cup. The World Cup was originally scheduled for July 2020 in the Netherlands but due to covid-19 restrictions, the event was cancelled and rescheduled to a virtual format. Under the guidance of the team coach, Della Cryderman, and team manager, Karen Westerback, riders participated in all-round events such as reining, ranch riding, english equitation, showmanship, western horsemanship, and trail. 

My name is Brianna Carr and I had the honour of being on team Canada 2020 and competing with the amazing stallion, Spooks Big Bang (Bubba). I rode Bubba in both the ranch riding and the reining, and I was fortunate enough to be awarded an individual bronze medal in the reining with him.

 Spooks Big Bang (Spooks Gotta Gun x Licky Little Latte) is a 2012 AQHA stallion with NRHA lifetime earnings in excess of $39,000. Bubba has been shown in open aged events with Locke Duce, non pro aged events with Pearl and Giselle Aebly, and now in youth events with myself. Some of Bubba’s biggest achievements include 2015 L2-L3 NRHA Futurity finalist, 2015 Reining Alberta L4 open champion, 2016 Big Sky Reining Classic L4 open and 4-year-old derby champion, and 2018 non pro prime time high point at the NRHA Derby.

Bubba is an extremely well-mannered stallion and is truly one of the nicest horses I have ever had the pleasure to ride. He is stunning and completes manoeuvres with grace and ease. Before the competition I had only rode Bubba once due to snowy conditions but his kind personality and willingness to please made him very easy to get along with. The NRHA definition of reining states that a horse should be “willingly guided” and Spooks Big Bang demonstrates this with ease. When showing him I was able to have a draped rein and he gave me everything I asked of him without hesitation.

Bubba is an extraordinary athlete, and I am so blessed to be able to compete with him. Though this year presented some unexpected circumstances, this experience was amazing and unforgettable, and I am so glad that I got to experience it with such a special stallion.

The bronze winning run can be found on YouTube at Team Canada Reining. More information about Spooks Big Bang can be found on the Spooks Big Bang Facebook Page.

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Shannon Burwash Memorial Scholarship 2020 Recipients

August 8, 2020 — Calgary, AB — The Calgary Foundation is very pleased to announce the following scholarships have been awarded from the 2020 Shannon Burwash Memorial Fund. Qualified students from across Canada applied for the three available scholarships this past June.

$2,000 Leadership Award to Kimberly Stewart 

Kimberly Stewart is a current fourth year Student at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. She has wanted to become a veterinarian since grade six after reading the Big Ben biography, which told the tale of Ian Millar’s famous show horse Big Ben. His many colic episodes and frightening trailer accident inspired her to pursue a career in which she may be able to help animals like Ben, just like the veterinarians did in the book. 

Kimberly has a Bachelors degree in Zoology from the University of Calgary where she spent four years earning her degree with a year off in between her third and fourth year to take part in the elected role of one of the Calgary Stampede Princesses. Kimberly and two other women made up the trio and they took part in numerous events and rodeos around the Calgary and surrounding area as well as acting as ambassadors for the Stampede on an international scale. After her year off, she went back to school to finish her last year, joined the CS Chuckwagon Committee, and has taken on the role of Production Manager and Operational Manager for the production subcommittee.

Once Kimberly got into veterinary school she started to become more involved in the extra curricular activities  the school had to offer and became the President of the Calgary Association of Veterinary Students as well as a member of numerous clubs. She was also able to host the first Theriogenology day where they had guest speakers including Dr. Wayne Burwash himself, as well as an afternoon filled with clinical skills labs focused around theriogenology. Kimberly says, “I have developed a passion for equine reproduction over the past four years and I am hoping to bring that passion to a practice once I graduate.” 

$1,000 Encouragement Award to Sadie Popoff

Sadie Popoff was born in Calgary, Alberta and has been heavily involved in the equine community since moving to Cochrane in 2011. She was involved in 4H equine programs for four years and has competed in both Western and English events with her horse, Roper. In high school, she obtained her Equine Technician Green Certificate. Her experiences with horses have played a significant role in her life and has taught her many valuable lessons. It has been this involvement that has led her to pursue a career as a veterinarian.

Last year, Sadie started her first year at the University of Calgary to study biological sciences. After completing her undergraduate work, she plans on applying to veterinary school. She is interested in all aspects of equine medicine, especially the research side that explores the development of new therapeutic procedures and medicines.  

Alongside equine medicine, Sadie hopes on working as a part-time or volunteer veterinarian for wildlife rehabilitation centres. She currently volunteers at the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation to gain more experience in a clinic setting and hopes to continue working to protect wildlife. She is very excited to pursue this career as it will allow her to remain involved in the equine community and continue doing what she loves. 

$1,000 Encouragement Award to Claire Horsch

Claire Horsch has had a passion for horses her whole life. Growing up on her family’s working cattle ranch has allowed her to pursue her riding dreams, and given her the opportunity to raise and train young horses. Claire has been in 4-H for eight years, and has participated in many equestrian shows and competitions with her horse projects.  

This year Claire was accepted into the AQHA Young Horse Development Program and received a donated weanling filly as her project horse. She is proud to be the only Canadian participant in the 2020 program. In keeping with her passion for horses, Claire also volunteers as a horse leader and side walker with her local Therapeutic Riding Association.  

This fall Claire will be starting the Bachelor of Science program at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC, where she plans on completing an undergraduate degree in Animal Biology before applying to veterinary school. Claire knows that working with animals is her calling and is determined to make her dream of becoming a veterinarian come true.

Since 2016, there have been two different categories of scholarship awards:  

  • The Leadership Award is for students advancing past their second year of studies ($2,000 award).
  • The Encouragement Award is for first or second year students (2 X $1,000 awards).

Click here for the link to these two awards.

“Again this year, we were extremely impressed with all of the scholarship applicants,” said Dr. Wayne Burwash. “This is the sixth year that The Calgary Foundation has awarded the scholarships since Shannon’s passing in 2013, and we have now awarded $23,000 in scholarships. Congratulations to all the recipients and best wishes for rewarding careers involving the horse.” 

For more information, click here to visit the CQHA Youth Programs and Opportunities webpage. 

Shannon Burwash was a leader and a lover of the horse industry across Canada. The scholarships are awarded to deserving students who are focused on getting a post-secondary education, and being involved in the horse industry in their future. 

Help CQHA expand scholarship support with a donation to the  Shannon Burwash Memorial Fund for Equine and Agricultural Studies  


Our overall goal was to raise $125,000 so the fund can keep generating annual awards to deserving students into the future. Dr. Burwash is most appreciative of all the generous donors who have enabled us to reach this important milestone.  As of 2019, the fund reached its target goal of $125,000, but welcomes further donations so that it may increase the number of scholarships awarded annually.                                       

To Donate:   

Online:  Visit choose “Donate” at the top, right hand side of webpage, then click on the link for “Donate to an Existing Fund”, and then search the drop-down menu for “Shannon Burwash Memorial Fund for Equine for Equine and Agricultural Studies” (listed alphabetically). VISA and MasterCard are accepted. 

By Phone:  To pay by credit card over the phone, call 403-802-7700 during office hours 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Please do NOT leave your credit card number on voicemail. 

In Person:  The Calgary Foundation, Kananoff Centre, #1180,105 12th Ave.,  SE, Calgary during office hours. 

By Mail: Make cheques payable to The Calgary Foundation, indicating “Shannon Burwash Memorial Award” in the memo section.  Mail to The Calgary Foundation, 1180 – 105 12 Avenue SE., Calgary, AB T2G 1A1

Tax Receipts for Donations: A Canadian tax receipt will be issued for donations over $25

For more information, contact Ms. Darlene Chrapko, Director, Awards & Scholarships, at The Calgary Foundation at T: 403-802-7711 or Email:

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2020 Team Canada

Team Canada Wins the Silver
at the 2020 AQHA Virtual Youth Would Cup

CQHA is very proud of the skill and determination our 2020 Team Canada members put fourth this year, when the international event was forced to reinvent and host itself on a virtual platform!
Their dedication to the spirit of the Youth World Cup, could not be stopped by a world pandemic, and their resilience and team work paid off!
On behalf of the CQHA community Congratulations TEAM CANADA you did an amazing job!
To our official Team Coach, Della Cryderman, and all the other Canadian coaches and horse owners who took the time to perfect patters and film them, your support of OUR team is very much admired and appreciated.
To our Team Manager, Karen Westerback, thank you for organizing and submitting videos as well as supporting the team throughout the whole process.
To the team sponsors, and parents, thank you for believing in our youth and supporting their dreams and efforts to excel as equestrian athletes on the world stage.
Look for future blog posts  coming from each team member which will individually highlight each of our members and their accomplishments!
Visit the AQHA Virtual Youth World Cup Facebook Page to see more of the event coverage, the winning runs, and the full placings of each class; Click here:
Holly Carter
Abby Schaap
Talissa Gervais
Brianna Carr
Ellie Gerbrandt
Amber Zabel
Kamyl Mathieu

Holly Carter: 18 year old Holly Carter, from Regina Saskatchewan, began showing in the Grassroots classes at provincial quarter horse shows in 2014. Her passion for the all-around competition helped strengthen her horsemanship skills as both an English and Western rider. Competing in western Canada between 2015 and 2019, Holly earned multiple Circuit and All-Around Youth, Novice Youth and Open Awards from SQHA (Saskatchewan), QHAA (Alberta), and MQHA (Manitoba), and holds 2018 Canadian National Championship titles in hunt seat equitation and open green trail, as well as reserves in trail, equitation and horsemanship. Holly is a 2019 AQHYA World Show Qualifier in showmanship, horsemanship, hunt seat equitation, trail and western pleasure. When not around horses, Holly enjoys designing and sewing her own show clothing, downhill skiing, and trail running with her dog. She is committed to her academics and had the honour of being selected as her high school’s 2019 Schulich Leadership nominee. Currently attending Baylor University in Waco, Texas, Holly is studying Health Science and is a proud member of the NCAA equestrian team. Holly is very excited for this opportunity to represent Team Canada as an alternate rider!

Abby Schaap: 17 year old Abby Schaap from Midland Ontario is thrilled to representing Canada for the second time, this time as a rider. Abby is ecstatic to be traveling and competing in the Netherlands especially as she has family from there. Being on Team Canada has been a dream of hers since she started riding quarter horses. Abby has been riding horses since she was 2. She started out on a Shetland pony and when she out-grew her pony, she moved on to a larger pony and began showing in the jumper classes. Abby eventually out grew this pony as well, and moved on to a quarter horse and fell in love with them. After watching her aunt show at the quarter horse circuits, she too wanted to begin showing, both in English and western. Abby now shows her horse Riley, whom she got as 2 year old and is now 7. Her success in the show pen has earned her OQHA awards, multiple high point award and circuit awards, and multiple all-round awards with Ontario Area 3. She has also had success placing top 10 in the showmanship and equitation at the AQHA East Level 1 Championships and most recently by being a finalist at the Built Ford Youth World Show in hunt seat equitation. Outside of riding horses Abby enjoys boating, camping and spending time with friends. Abby is very proud to be representing Canada as rider at YWC 2020!

Talissa Gervais: From Bienfait Saskatchewan, is thrilled to be joining YWC Team Canada as an alternate rider. Talissa has been riding horses for as long as she can remember. She enjoys competing in the all-around events and has proudly earned herself an AQHA championship and multiple Canadian National Championships and she is a multiple AQHYA World Show qualifier. Talissa has enjoyed competing at the Quarter Horse Congress in trail, showmanship, and horsemanship. She has also successfully shown at the Level 1 Championship Show in Las Vegas where she was a finalist and top ten earner in western riding in 2019. When Talissa is not riding, she is playing basketball on the high school senior girls’ team and on the local club basketball team. She has a true love for all sports. Talissa is looking forward to the experience the Youth World Cup journey is going to give her in The Netherlands!

Brianna Carr: Joining team Canada’s rider roster for 2020 is 16 year old Brianna Carr from Calgary, Alberta. As an NRHA competitor, Brianna has been competing in reining events across North America for eight years. She has shown successfully throughout Western Canada and has qualified and shown at the North American Affiliate Championships in Oklahoma. In 2018 she earned the title of Youth 14-18 reserve champion and multiple top ten placings in the Rookie classes at the NAAC in Oklahoma. While Brianna has focused on reining she has also trained and shown in all-round events. When not showing, Brianna keeps herself occupied in the horse world by lending a helping hand to all those around her as well as practicing and striving for improvement. Brianna is looking forward to this incredible opportunity of bringing her skills and experience to Team Canada in the Netherlands in 2020.

Ellie Gerbrandt: 16 year old Ellie Gerbrandt from Roberts Creek British Columbia is thrilled to be returning to Team Canada as a rider for the 2020 Youth World Cup. Ellie competes in the all-around events at top level shows throughout the US. Ellie has earned top 10 placings at the All American Quarter Horse Congress in hunt seat equitation and showmanship, as well as top 15 in horsemanship. She was the gold medalist in hunt seat equitation at the 2018 Youth World Cup earning the title of World Champion. Over the years she has won many circuit championships and all around awards including some from the Arizona Sun Circuit and the Level 1 Championship Show (west). Outside of showing Ellie enjoys helping out at the local retirement home and giving back to the community. She is looking forward to meeting new people, having fun with her team members, and learning many new things!

Amber Zabel: 17 year old Amber Zabel from Caledon, Ontario has been riding for 12 years. Horseback riding is an extremely big part of her life and she is thrilled for the opportunity to take part in her first Youth World Cup as a rider. Besides showing Quarter Horses, Amber enjoyed eventing for 3 years in her early teens. She has also tried cutting and reining to broaden her experience in the horse world. In 2018, Amber was Reserve Champion in hunter under saddle at the Level 1 Championship Show and she had top 10 placings at Congress. She has been a proud member of the OQHYA (Ontario) NYATT team for the All American Quarter Horse Congress for 4 years in a row. Her most recent accomplishments include placing top 5 at the Congress in the Level 1 14-18 trail and in the NYATT hunter under saddle and placing top 10 in the 15-18 Youth hunter under saddle this year. Amber has earned 2 youth superiors on her show horse Sleepy Monn and is striving to complete as many superiors as she can before her youth career comes to an end. Aside from being busy with her horse life, Amber plays on her school volleyball team, has counselled at horseback riding camp, and has volunteered at a therapeutic riding center. She has been on the OQHYA board, starting as a director and working her way up to her present position of being the OQHYA President. Amber is looking forward to traveling to The Netherlands to compete with Team Canada.

Kamyl Mathieu: 18 year old Kamyl Mathieu, from Sorel-Tracy, Quebec is thrilled to be joining Team Canada as a rider. Kamyl has been riding horses since she was 4 years old and started showing when she was 6. She is an all-around rider who especially loves and excels in showmanship, horsemanship and hunt seat equitation. Kamyl has qualified two times for the AQHA Youth World Show and achieved her superior in showmanship. Most recently she was thrilled to show her horse for the first time at the All American Quarter Horse Congress this past month. Kamyl has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to ride and show many horses and has developed her riding skills by doing so. Not only is Kamyl an accomplished rider, she is also a top student. She is also proud to have been a part of a 2017 volunteer experience where she went to Ecuador to help the members of a community there. Being a member of Team Canada has been a goal for Kamyl and she is excited to be bringing her skills to Team Canada as we travel to the Netherlands.

Team Coach: Della Cryderman has been breeding, training and showing Quarter Horses for over thirty years and presently owns and operates a equine training facility. Her focus for Cryderman Training Stables is to prepare horses and their exhibitors for national and international competition. While the majority of the horse/rider combinations whom she coaches show at American Quarter Horse circuits, she also coaches several dressage and jumping horses/riders. Cryderman has travelled and shared her knowledge with riders who have committed to furthering their skills, and given many clinics ranging from first time riders to numerous youth and amateurs who became AQHA Superior Award winners, AQHA Champions, AQHA Versatility Champions, All-American Congress and AQHA World Show finalists. Cryderman’s daughter, Jessie Godin was a gold-medalist member of Team Canada while competing at the Youth World Cup hosted by Australia in 2004. Della coached Jessie to 4th place in Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation during the 2016 AQHA World Championship Show. Cryderman served as President of the Thunder Bay Quarter Horse Club for 15 years and as President of the North Superior Quarter Horse Council for 10 years.

Team Manager: Karen Westerback has been involved with Quarter Horses for approximately 20 years and competes as an amateur on AQHA show circuits in Canada and the U.S. She has achieved two AQHA Amateur Superior Awards and is an AQHA Amateur Champion. Westerback is employed as a Youth Services residential worker for youth who are at risk with the law, helping to develop therapeutic plans for release from custody. She has served her local Quarter Horse associations over the years as Secretary, Vice-President and Youth Advisor, and has been actively involved in major fund-raising events and organizing. In the past year, she has acquired a new role as a ring steward for several large AQHA show circuits including the Minnesota Corporate Challenge and the Bob Yanz Masters and now serves as the President of the North Superior Quarter Horse Association.


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