Barn & Stable First Aid


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Every Barn & Trailer should be equipped with a first aid kit that has safe & practical items for an emergency! Both a equine & human emergencies should be considered for these!


Kits are $10 each (tax included) Team Canada receives $4 from each kit sold to support their fundraising goals for the American Quarter Horse Youth World Cup.

Every Barn & Trailer should be equipped with a first aid kit that has safe & practical items for an emergency! Both a equine & human emergencies should be considered for these! 

Keeping in mind you should be prepared to provide emergency health assistance until Paramedics or a Vet can attend. Please keep in mind that any emergency care you provide should only consist of knowledge you have & are confident doing until professionals can attend. 

When an emergency arises the most important thing and one of the hardest is to stay calm. 

Depending on the nature of the injuries you maybe able to manage the problem on your own with items from your First Aid Kits. 

If Not 

  • Call 911 or a vet needs to be called send someone to do that immediately (get the professionals to you as quickly as possible) 
  • Do a visual examination of the equine or human to determine the nature of the injuries.
  • If Paramedics are attending send someone to the roadside to flag them down direct them to the patient.
  • If a Vet is attending, make some notes on the horses condition and call the vet back to update. (A vet usually takes longer to attend)

I hope this will give you a better understanding of the importance of a stocked first aid kit in the barn or trailer. 

EOQHA is selling an assortment of first aid kits suitable for home, barn, trailer, or vehicle. 

A portion of all sales will go to the association to help support the 2023 Hot Hot Sizzler AQHA Circuit.

To Order please email

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