What’s Good for Your Breeding Business Can Also be Good for Your Community


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Promotion and marketing of one’s breeding program is an ever evolving field in today’s world. Ryan Fleetwood of Fleetwood Farms Quarter Horses based in southern Alberta has found a way to market a chosen foal each year, and benefit a local charitable organization. Fleetwood discovered that the Alberta government allows raffles to be conducted when applied for by a charitable organization, so he approached one local group in 2020 with the idea to do a percentage split if they’d get the raffle license and he would do the marketing to sell tickets. It worked and that first year they sold out $10,000 worth of tickets in 16 hours! In 2021, with the same agreement with another home town charitable organization, they sold out $15,000 worth of tickets in a matter of days.

Fleetwood is fourth generation rancher and AQHA breeder on their ranch near Champion, Alberta. Ryan and his wife Brandy are raising their children on the same place and in the same house as 4 generations of Fleetwoods have lived in before them, and their community is important to them. Fleetwood says “the beauty of this is that money is coming in from outside of the typical area that would pay taxes or donate to support these types of groups because it is through the Fleetwood Farms Quarter Horses network that the tickets are sold.” Frankly, at $50 for a 1/300 chance of winning a foal, the price is great and the odds are even better. It’s a price many people can afford for the chance to win the foal and even if they don’t win, they are satisfied to know that some of their purchase price is going to support a worthy cause.

It’s a win, win, win situation for all involved! In today’s world, it is important that people support local charities and stay involved inside their own communities, in a day and age when they really don’t have to. If you have something to market, think outside the box!



About Ryan Fleetwood of Fleetwood Farms Quarter Horses:

Ryan is an AQHA Professional Horseman, and has been honoured by AQHA’s Legacy Breeder’s program as a Twenty-five year breeders as of 1999.
Fleetwood Farms Quarter Horses won CQHA’s  “Best Remuda Award” in Canada 2021.

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