Q Horse Heroes

Community Support Recognition Program

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With the outbreak of Covid-19 forcing most AQHA activities in Canada to be cancelled for the year, the Canadian Quarter Horse Association has watched as its membership has rallied around itself in the past months to offer support to fellow equestrians in need. Many members of the CQHA work as first responders, essential service workers, and front line workers as well, and the community has been outspoken in their gratitude towards these individuals, and their families.

In times like these community is essential, and the Canadian Quarter Horse Association wishes to formally recognize those individuals who have supported their communities throughout this pandemic as well as those who
have come to the aid of Quarter Horse owners in need.

CQHA invites its members to nominate individuals in their community who have supported them and their equine operations through the pandemic, as well as those CQHA members that work or volunteer in their community as front line workers, essential service workers, or first responders.

October Q Horse Hero Honourees

Congratulations to Our October Q Horse Heroes, Emily Bertrand, Todd Bailey, Cheryl Norris, and Laura Siebenthal-Baxter Emily Bertrand Emily Bertrand’s first horseback riding experience was on her aunt’s Quarter Horse,


September Q Horse Hero Honourees

Congratulations to Our September Q Horse Heroes, Christine St-Jean, Todd Bailey, Cheryl Norris, and Laura Siebenthal-Baxter Christine St-Jean Christine’s devotion to riding quarter horses began as a 15 year old


Nomination Form

The Canadian Quarter Horse Heroes is a community recognition program of the Canadian Quarter Horse Association (CQHA).  The following information is designed to help those that would like to put a nomination in for a deserving individual.

  • Program runs from June 2020 until June 2021.
  • Nominations may be submitted monthly, is Canada wide and will are due by the 15th of each month in order to be considered for the following month.
  • Self nominations will be accepted.
  • Preference will be given to nominations that demonstrate volunteerism and equine industry involvment but does not have to be specifically tied to the quarter horse.
  • Membership to the Canadian Quarter Horse Association is required for all nominees and nominators.  Membership to CQHA is free if you already have an American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) membership.  None members may purchase a membership through the cqha website (a link is provided in the contents of the nomination form itself).
  • If successful a nominee will be contacted by a CQHA director and will be required to provide employment confirmation, a high resolution photo with or without a horse, and participate in a brief interview from the CQHA media committee.