The CQHA Horse of Merit


A program to promote senior regesterd American Quarter Horses within the Canadian Community

Presented in partnership with ACE Therapy Canada, the official CQHA independent BEMER Partner


The CQHA Horse of Merit program recognizes registered American Quarter Horses within the Canadian quarter horse community who have matured to fifteen years of age and older as of January first. Eligible horses will be those who are still active participants in the industry through competition, lesson & schooling programs, community services and on farm/ranching/breeding operations; or enjoying a much-deserved retirement following a successful competitive or reproductive career.

The program is a tribute to senior registered American Quarter Horses in Canada and those who have been associated with them. Their stories will become a part of CQHA’s efforts to honour the breed’s heritage within the country, and attribute value to horses who continue in their purpose bred disciplines and or as they progress through secondary and alternative careers and uses. Additionally, the program aims to celebrate those individuals who are living well into their golden years, while still or after having contributed to the quarter horse industry.

  • Must be a registered American Quarter Horse.
  • Copy of registration papers must be included with nomination.
  • Current owner (as indicated by AQHA and listed on the AQHA papers) must be both a CQHA & AQHA member in good standing.
  • The horse must be alive at the time of nomination and be a minimum of fifteen (15) years of age as January first of the current calendar year as per AQHA, and residing in Canada.
  • The horse must meet at least one of the following criteria:
    1. Canadian owned
    2. Canadian bred
  • If Canadian bred, it must be indicated if either or both the sire or dam was/is Canadian owned and or bred.
  • A current picture of the horse must be submitted at time of application. (clear and suitable)
  • A brief write-up of the horse provided (biographical questions will be part of the application process – Questions will range from accomplishments (not necessarily competition related and pertaining to the horses’ current use(s).
  • A list of the horses’ lifetime achievements i.e., titles, awards, monies earned. (accompanying documentation and photos will be welcomed for verification and historical archival purposes)
  • ACE Therapy Canada, the association’s official BEMER partner proudly presents the Horse of Merit program in partnership with CQHA. Leanne Karoles, owner of ACE Therapy Canada, is an avid Quarter horse competitor and breeder herself. She believes, “this partnership allows all quarter horse fans the opportunity to celebrate matured horses in their purpose bred careers, second careers, and beyond into their retirement. The partnership will also serve to educate the owners of senior horses about advanced tools, which may be used to maintain and sustain the longevity of their horses’ career. Keeping matured horses comfortable and serviceable on into their golden years while rewarding them for their contributions, is a program that ACE Therapy Canada is honoured to be affiliated with.”

    Honoured horses will receive a customized letter of induction into the Horse of Merit program, along with a certificate of recognition and token award presented by CQHA and ACE Therapy Canada.These awards will be presented virtually or in person where possible.

    Owners of the honoured horses will receive the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire provided by ACE Therapy Canada, for a chance to win a free one (1) week rental (shipping fees excluded) of a BEMER Equine Unit prize valued at $300.00 .