CQHA Awards

DEADLINE : Midnight MST Monday, February 13, 2023



The Canadian Quarter Horse Association (CQHA) Awards and Selections Committee with great pleasure would like to announce that nominations for the 2023 CQHA Awards are now open in the following nine (9) categories:

  • Canadian AQHA Ranch Horse Breeder of the Year

  • Canadian AQHA Performance Horse Breeder of the Year

  • Canadian AQHA Race  Horse Breeder of the Year

  • Canadian AQHA Trainer of the Year
  • Canadian Bred and / or Owned AQHA Registered Horse of the Year

  • Canadian AQHA Amateur of the Year
  • Canadian AQHA Youth of the Year

  • Canadian Youth Rising Star Award

  • Canadian AQHA Industry Leadership & Development &  Award (The Doris Heintz Award)

The CQHA Awards and Selections committee is made up of CQHA directors from across Canada. Credentials and criteria required in order to be a successful candidate included but are not limited to the following:

  • Nominee must be an AQHA member in good standing for a minimum of 5 years. (This does not apply to the youth awards).
  • Nominee must be a current member of CQHA
  • Nominations for a deceased person will be accepted using their past AQHA membership number.
  • Nominators must be a current member of CQHA
  • Horses must be registered with AQHA and include a copy of their registration papers with their nomination.
  • People awards must be accompanied by two letters of reference with contact information. (email and telephone)
  • Trainer and Breeders of the Year Nominee must be a Canadian resident and have their main operation in Canada.
  • Photos of Nominees must be submitted with the nomination form.
  • Supporting documentation includes but is not limited to: official show/race/ breeding records, client testimonials, biography, list of awards and accomplishments.