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Canadian Horse Journal Autumn 2022 Issue

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  • Prepare Your Fences For Winter
  • Fire Prevention Goes Hand-in-Hand with Good Farm Management
  • Counter-Canter: What’s the Point?
  • The Madden Method Symposium: No Shortcuts
  • Turning Around: Pirouettes, Cow Turns, and Reining Spins
  • What is Contact? And do riders really need it?
  • Changing Disciplines: 3 riders embrace new-to-them horse sports
  • Basics of Clicker Training
  • The Case for Lightness, and 3 exercises to help.
  • Define Your High Performance Values
  • Bareback Riding Inspires a Deeper Connection at Eagle Feather Riding
  • A Story of Good Neighbours and Their Majestic 4-Legged Hero
  • Petey’s Long Lost Friend



  • What is Salmonellosis?
  • Master Mud Fever
  • Triumph Over Thrush
  • Hay! Test Your Knowledge
  • When Hay is Scarce
  • Nutrition Myth Busters
  • West Copies: Horse Health Lines (newsletter of the WCVM)



  • Book Review: The Working Equitation Training Manual
  • Horse Council BC News
  • Manitoba Horse Council News
  • Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association News
  • Canadian Quarter Horse Association News
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Equine Disease Surveillance in Canada

Equine disease surveillance in Canada

In Canada, equine industry organizations such as the Canadian Quarter Horse Association work closely with other partners including the Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System, regional animal health networks (Western, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic), governments, universities, veterinarians, laboratories and others to monitor diseases and share information.  

At the moment, these networks are paying attention to:

  • Equine infectious anemia (EIA), particularly in western Canada
  • Respiratory diseases (Influenza, Equine herpesvirus)
  • Antimicrobial use and resistance in horses
  • Vector borne diseases and climate change

Up to date information for horse owners includes:

  • The interactive Equine Diseases Dashboard
  • Infographics on EIA in Canada, including what you can do to protect your horses
  • Infographics on good practices for managing snotty noses and minor wounds

These are free and can all be found at:


AQHA Membership Auto-Renewal

Effective October 1, the American Quarter Horse Association will begin to transition domestic and international AQHA and AQHYA memberships with payment method on file with the Association to be automatically renewed. AQHA and AQHYA memberships purchased on or after October 1 with a payment method on file will be automatically renewed.


The auto-renewal will create a more streamlined process for members who renew annually or every three years. Annual general and amateur memberships will automatically renew to an annual general or amateur membership, and three-year general and amateur memberships will automatically renew to a three-year general or amateur membership. Members will be notified if the payment method on file will expire before the renewal date for the opportunity to update the payment information.


New or renewed American Quarter Horse Youth Association memberships purchased on and after October 1 will also be automatically renewed until the member graduates AQHYA. Graduating AQHYA members must upgrade their membership to a general or amateur membership and will not be automatically renewed to a general or amateur membership.


Since 2008, AQHA has offered members the ability to opt into auto-renewal at any time. However, this modification will create a more efficient renewal process for members to focus their time on what they love – spending time with their American Quarter Horses.

By being a member of the largest equine breed registry in the world, American Quarter Horse enthusiasts receive a variety of invaluable benefits from exclusive partner discounts to programs, competitions and events. The Association strives to provide world-class resources to members no matter where you are in your American Quarter Horse journey.


Current AQHA members who do not have a payment method on file or members who prefer to opt-out of auto-renewal will continue to receive renewal notices as they have in the past.


New or renewed AQHA members have the option to opt out by contacting AQHA or by selecting the opt-out option on the membership form.


If you have questions, need assistance or would like to opt out of the auto-renewal, contact the AQHA team at or call 806-376-4811 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central, Monday through Friday.


Area 3’s Youth Amazing Challenge

The Area 3 Quarter Horse Promotional Club hosted a new event this year at their Summer Classic Circuit hosted in Lindsey, ON for August 17th to 21st.

The goal of the 2022 Youth Amazing Challenge was to bring together all their youth in a setting outside of the show ring in order to build camaraderie and include those youth that were attending the show but not yet showing horses themselves.

Over 20 youth took part in this special event sponsored by CQHA and it provided an opportunity to introduce youth who may not have known each other or know each other well to work together as teams and build problem solving and planning skills through fun and interactive tasks.

It was an encouraging environment, where teams cheered each other on, had lots of laughter and completely entertained the spectators who were on the side line  boosting moral.

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Health and Regulations for the Transport of Animals in Canada Update

Transportation Code

An update to the 2001 transportation Code has been underway since December 2018. This multi-species Code of
Practice, covering animals from 14 national on-farm Codes, has been a massive undertaking. Additionally:

  • It has had to take into consideration robust federal regulations governing the transportation of animals in
    Canada (Health of Animals Regulations (HAR) Part XII: Transport of Animals), the long-awaited update of which
    was published in February 2019 along with an “evergreen” Interpretive Guidance for Regulated Parties.
  • The COVID 19 pandemic hit in 2020 halting all in-person meetings and requiring the nine Working Groups and
    the Code Development Committee to meet exclusively online. This was a huge learning curve for many and
    impeded the relationship-building opportunities and open dialogue that in-person meetings offer.
  • It is the first Code using NFACC’s Code development process that is not intended for on-farm use, and included
    the care of animals during transportation as well as when offloaded at specific types of intermediary sites.
  • It was initiated by NFACC versus a national stakeholder group representing transporters and other primary
    stakeholders, which has led to additional challenges in following the Code development process.

At the outset it was recognized that this complex Code required all the time afforded under the Canadian Agricultural
Partnership’s (CAP) AgriAssurance Program time allowance. Unfortunately, over the last several months it has become
apparent that a finalized transportation Code is not achievable by the CAP program end date of March 31, 2023. Initially,
attention was focused on finding alternative means for completing this Code. However, in recent months further
challenges surrounding the lack of national lead organizations have led to concerns with proceeding to update the
transportation Code. It has become prudent to take stock of the issues being raised and consider alternative approaches
for addressing humane transportation of livestock and poultry.

After deliberations with varied perspectives being brought forward, the NFACC board agreed, and secured support from
our project funders, to pursue a Risk Assessment (RA) coupled with a Collaboration Planning Exercise (CPE). It was
further agreed that RA & CPE are the soundest approach to:

  • Make best use of the time remaining under the current project to identify a path forward,
  • Ensure that we make best use of the time and funding already invested,
  • Ensure that we make best use of content developed to date through the project,
  • Unite the diverse interests around humane transportation into an achievable and cohesive plan,
  • Ensure that any decisions are consistent with NFACC’s mission and processes (and risk tolerances),
  • Ensure that we identify a viable path forward for the future.

Additionally, transporters and intermediary site operators are key stakeholders who need to be more formally
involved/engaged in a way that facilitates sector-wide inclusively. Hence, the remainder of the project will focus on
conducting a RA and CPE with the goal of determining viable options that can be operationalized with the broad support
of stakeholders.

Thank you to the many people who have participated in working groups and committees. There is a wealth of
information in the work already produced under this project activity and a strong desire has been expressed to make
best use of the content that has been developed to date. Both the RA and CPE are expected to provide possible
approaches for further consideration (e.g., incorporating transportation within commodity-specific Codes of Practice).

It should also be noted that while updating the transportation Code by March 2023 is not possible, much has already
been accomplished through this project. Aside from progress on various drafts of the transportation Code:

  • The transportation sections of 11 on-farm Codes were aligned with the new Health of Animals Regulations, an
    effort that required a significant investment of resources from 2019 until early 2022. The transportation Code
    team undertook this massive effort and worked with national livestock and poultry groups and CFIA.
  • A substantial update to the Environmental Scan of Regulatory and Operational Considerations report was
    undertaken in 2019, which included incorporating significant updates from both the Health of Animals
    Regulations and the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations.
  • A survey at the outset of the project captured top-of-mind concerns related to humane transportation with a
    report produced.

Previous progress reports are available here.

For information on the steps of the Code development process and progress of the Codes being updated follow this link.

Funded in part by the Government of Canada under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership’s AgriAssurance Program, a federal, provincial, territorial initiative.

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Fans Flock to Family Fun Day at Ajax Downs; Ivory Rolls Again

AJAX DOWNS, AUGUST 22, 2022 – Ajax Downs’ popular FAMILY FUN DAY returned to the Quarter Horse track for the first time in three years on Sunday, August 21 and it was standing-room only for an afternoon of racing and fun events, kid’s games and prizes with proceeds benefitting the Ajax Pickering Hospital.
The crowd roared for every race on the afternoon and wagered with enthusiasm and the highlight dash was the 11th running of the Ontario Bred Maturity worth $39,240. The country’s top older horse HAD TO BE IVORY rolled to his fourth consecutive win in the 400-yard Maturity, overcoming a bump at the start and then surging past his tough rival Countrys Comin Bac to win by a long neck. The 7-year-old, bred and owned by Hillsburgh’s Carol and Jaime Robertson, recorded yet another stellar clocking, speeding the distance in 19.779 for a 102 speed index.
Trained by Bryn Robertson, Had to Be Ivory was ridden by Cory Spataro, who was subbing for an absent Josh Scott. It was the 20th career win from 26 starts for the Ontario bred and he has earned over $327,000.
“He was a pro as always,” said Spataro. “When a horse beside him, Twixt of Fate, acted up, he got a bit scared so we had to reset the way he was standing. But then he broke like a rocket, I was bumped and then we had to re-rally. You can’t ever count out Countrys Comin Bac but I feel like I had it with about 100 yards left.”
Heading into the next racing day at Ajax Downs, Wednesday, August 31, there is an exciting four-way tie for leading jockey by victories. BRIAN BELL, RAMIRO CASTILLO, TONY PHILLIPS, and ISMAEL MOSQUIERA all have 12 wins. Bell leads in Quarter Racing Owners of Ontario points with 154 over Castillo’s 152. The points leader at the end of the racing season is honored with the leading rider trophy.
Keep up to date on news and entries for Ajax Downs on social media and at To find out more about how you can own a Quarter Horse or join a syndicate, contact the Quarter Racing Owners of Ontario at
The Had to Be Ivory team from left to right, Mike Robertson, Jaime Robertson, Had to Be Ivory, Zac Kennedy, Carol Robertson, Paul Sauve, and Cory Spataro. Trainer Bryn Robertson was absent. (New Image Media Photo, crowd photo by Laurie Overton)
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Canadians at the 2022 Run For A Million in Las Vegas

CQHA’s 2nd Vice President, Brad Bowie was the voice of the 2022 Run For a Million, presented by Teton Ridge, the richest event in the history of Reining.

When he wasn’t keeping the crowed entertained and informed from the announcer’s booth or hanging out with the best reiners in the world along with some of the cast and crew of Taylor Sheridan’s hit show Yellowstone, he found the time to talk with a couple of the Canadians at the event who were there competing.

CQHA is pleased to present the following interviews with:

Danny Tremblay originally from Quebec is an NRHA Million Dollar Rider, past winner of the Run For a Million Shoot Out, and Run For a Million qualifier who’s clients have won the non pro at the event two years in a row now.

Jade Whitemarsh hales from Alberta and is coming home with some bragging rights after scoring a 216.50 to secure 6th place in the TRFAM Non Pro Championships with North Sail Solitaire a 2013 Canadian bred  stallion by Topsail Whiz and out of Solitary Gunner by  Colonels Smoking Gun. Jade and the family raised chestnut earned a purse of $5,208.88USD for their run.


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2022 Nith River Round Up’s Shannon Adams Memorial Roping

Submitted by Dani and Chad Beechey, Hosts and Organizers.
While it may have been dusty, one thing is clear… we had an awesome weekend at NR Round Up for our Shannon Adams Memorial Roping.
We had a total of 770 breakaway, tie down and team roping runs over the weekend, and a lively Saturday night dinner & dance with an awesome band (Paul Wainwright & The Book Ends) to round out a beautiful weekend on the ranch under the stars, followed by an outstanding cowboy breakfast on the back lawn on the Sunday morning .
We put the spotlight on brand new ropers once again this year with our Green as Grass Breakaway Class (slower stock) and our Green as Grass Team Roping Class (where you partner a brand new roper with a seasoned volunteer to rope slower stock). We also had a really competitive tie down class, awesome ladies breakaway, incredible youth breakaway, open & open 3D breakaway and a really fun 3 Round Progressive Team Roping on the Sunday to finish off the weekend!
But for us, the most meaningful number of the weekend (and the one we are most proud of) is that WE RAISED *$7000* for the Juravinski Cancer Centre inmemory of Shannon Adams. Shannon was a shining light that lives on in her beautiful kids. We hope in some small way this money helps Juravinski to continue to advance the amazing work they do in the battle with cancer. This money raised came from a variety of places; every roper donated (in lieu of arena fees/ office fees), we held an awesome 2 day silent auction, and sold ballots for draw prizes. Additionally many people straight up donated to this great cause.
This entire event could not have happened without our INCREDIBLE sponsors always in our corner and the army of volunteers who made it happen through sweat, dust and smiles. Thank you to each one of you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you to every roper who came and all who supported this weekend! Whether it was helping with timers, running the stripping chute, donating to the silent auction or problem solving wherever needed. 
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! ♥️
Dani & Chad


Over $14,000 was paid out in the RAO Progressive on Sunday!
A huge congratulations to our RAO Progressive Team Roping BUCKLE EARNERS:
Champion Header: Jeremy McCulligh
Champion Heeler: Brad Heffernan
Top Lady Team Roper: Emma Rose
Top #2 Roper: Dan Rose
Top #3 Roper: James Davidson
Top #4 Roper: Cody McGonigle
Top #5 Roper: Arturo Gallegos Garcia & Chad Beechey (a tie)
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Aug/Sept Issue of Canadian Cowboy Country

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AQHA Creates New Promo Code for New and Renewing Canadian Members

Dear Canadian Quarter Horse Community,


AQHA is excited to announce a membership promotion that will help activate potential AQHA members in Canada.  


With promo code CQHA, specifically created for Canada, new and renewing members can save $5 USD on an AQHA membership. Simply share this code with American Quarter Horse enthusiasts in your country, including family, friends, neighbors, youth organizations, and more, and when they enter it into the promo code field of the online AQHA membership application they will save $5 USD on their membership. This is a great opportunity to help grow your affiliate membership and expand the international AQHA family! 


There are many benefits to having an AQHA membership and here are just a few: 

  • A digital subscription to The American Quarter Horse Journal. We’re celebrating the western lifestyle, and the many ways our members rely on their American Quarter Horses to have fun or get work done. 
  • Access to special programs supported by AQHA grants like Quality Samples, Educational Marketplace Clinics, and the Youth Excellence Seminar.
  • Take advantage of our Special World Show Qualifying process, show advisor and lease program
  • The rush of competition and the thrill of victory. Whether it’s ranch riding, jumping, barrel racing – or anything else – AQHA competitions are a valuable experience that create lifelong memories. 

Be sure to share information about the discount via email, or post on social media, so we can spread the word about the endless benefits of joining AQHA!





Jamie Hughes 

AQHA Director of International Activities