Can. Horse & Membership Statistics

Province/Region 2017 Horse Population

Can. AQHA Members 

2018 CQHA Board of Directors 
Alberta 110,933 6,078 AQHA Directors: Ross Brigden, Wayne Burwash (CQHA President), Lorne Winther, Marc Garner, Mary Ellen Robinson, and CQHA members Myrna Anderson, Ryan Smith, Bob Hawkins (CQHA 2nd Vice President)
British Columbia
2,009 AQHA Directors: Gayle Pawley-Wilson (AQHA Director At Large), Tara Gamble and CQHA Member Haidee Landry (CQHA Treasurer)
Manitoba 24,776 779 AQHA Directors: Larry Clifford & Marnie Somers (AQHA Director At Large & CQHA Secretary) and CQHA member Greg Little
Ontario  22,288 2817 AQHA Directors: Joe Carter (AQHA Director At Large), Kathy Patterson and CQHA members: Gilles Seguin (CQHA 1st Vice President), Karen Cook
Quebec 12,510 1,226 AQHA Directors: Dr. Carole Joubert-Gaboury (AQHA Director At Large)
Saskatchewan 46,614 1,925 AQHA Director: Melanie Burns, Trevor McBurney and CQHA member: Milt Rigetti
New Brunswick  1,340 232  CQHA members: Susan Chestnut (all Maritime provinces)

Newfoundland & Labrador

70 12  
Nova Scotia 2,212  343  
Prince Edward Island 436 41  
NWT & Yukon 100 10  
Totals: 245,778 15,483 *The number of 55,808 Canadian owners of AQHA horses refers to those who are owners/breeders but not current AQHA members, in 2017.

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