Equestrian Canada Announces New Board Structure

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October 17, 2016 - My name is David Brent - Chair Category C membership with Equestrian Canada (EC).

As you may or may not be aware, EC passed new By-laws in 2015 under the Canadian Not-For-Profit Corporation Act. One of the major changes to EC's governance structure was the establishment of a new voting membership structure comprised of three membership categories:

• Category A - Equestrian Sports,
• Category B - Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations, and
• Category C - National Equine Affiliate Organizations (NEOs).

Each Category has nine voting members designated to represent the Category's interests to EC. The nine voting members in Category C are: myself (David Brent), Barbara Blackwell, Gary Gushuliak, Jill Barton, Muriel Burnley, Sue Ockendon, Terry Johnson, Tina Collins and Wayne Burwash (President of CQHA).

The mandate of the Category C voting members is:
• attend the EC Annual General Meeting,
• vote at extraordinary meetings of the EC Members,
• vote on issues presented at the Annual General Meeting of EC,
• vote for EC Directors,
• vote on changes to the Articles or By-Laws of EC,
• designate representatives to serve on EC Nominating Committee,
• represent NEOs to the EC Board and management, providing input with respect to recommendations on EC's strategic direction and priorities,
o establish a Nominations Committee for the sole purpose of electing the nine CategoryC (NEO) members as outlined in these terms of reference,and
o other rights and responsibilities of EC Members as set out in the EC By-Laws.

As your Category C representatives at EC we would like to take this opportunity to reach out to all of you and invite you to connect with us to share ideas, suggestions and/or challenges so we may work effectively with EC for the best of the entire horse industry.

Feel free to contact me (David Brent) though Julie Cull at the EC office at jcull@equestrian.ca or contact Wayne Burwash at president@cqha.ca