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New AQHA Award to Honour Equine-Assisted Services American Quarter Horses

AQHA PATH Intl. EAS Horse of The Year Award

to Honor the AQHA-PATH Intl. Equine-Assisted Services American Quarter Horse of the Year with one $10,000 first-place award and one $5,000 second-place award!

Who Can Enter?

  • Any current PATH Intl. Center may nominate their registered American Quarter Horse(s). There is no limit to how many registered American Quarter Horses a center may nominate.
  • The center must hold an AQHA General membership ($65) to nominate their horse(s). If the center does not currently hold an AQHA membership, one may be purchased here for $65 and it provides myriad benefits throughout the year.
  • The nominated horse must be registered with AQHA. If the center holds the horse’s papers, you’re ready to nominate now! If the center wasn’t given AQHA registration papers at the point of purchase or donation but you suspect the horse may have been registered at some time or know his registered name, in addition to requesting the papers from the previous owner or donor, here are some useful tips for tracking down a horse’s papers.

How To Enter?

PATH Intl. will collect all nominations and deliver the entries to AQHA for judging and selection.

Complete the nomination form, including the required documentation, and tell us why your worthy nominee should win $10,000! Nominations must be received prior to 11:59 PM on December 31, 2023.

Questions? Please contact: Erika Berry at AQHA.


Can a center nominate a leased horse?

Yes, however please not the following details: The PATH Intl. Center that is leasing the horse will receive the award, not the owner of the horse. While many PATH Intl. Centers have their own written lease agreements with owners, in order to qualify for the AQHA award, they must have a current lease authorization form on file with AQHA at the time the center submits its nomination. The cost for filing the lease authorization form is $100 to AQHA. Please submit questions and lease requests to

Why isn’t the nomination form anonymous as they normally are for most PATH Intl. awards?

This is an AQHA award, so the process is a little different. AQHA needs information such as the name of the center and the horse’s name to verify registration. The judges appointed by AQHA will receive redacted information, focusing on the reasons in the nomination for why the center believes its horse should win the award.

When will the winners be announced?

The AQHA-PATH Intl. Equine-Assisted Services American Quarter Horse of the Year will be honored at the AQHA Convention in Las Vegas, March 15-18, 2024.