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2022 Sumac Slide


CQHA was pleased to support the 2022 NRHA Sumac Slide which took place Sept 16 & 17, in Trenton, NS.

The event was covered by CBC Nova Scotia News, and was well attended by reiners of all levels. CQHA director Hannah Searle attended the event and commented on how well run the show was, and how friendly everyone one was.

CQHA is happy to be part of events happening in our Canadian Quarter Horse Community and is proud to make this participation possible through our AQHA/CQHA Grant program.

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Canadian Horse Journal Autumn 2022 Issue

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  • Prepare Your Fences For Winter
  • Fire Prevention Goes Hand-in-Hand with Good Farm Management
  • Counter-Canter: What’s the Point?
  • The Madden Method Symposium: No Shortcuts
  • Turning Around: Pirouettes, Cow Turns, and Reining Spins
  • What is Contact? And do riders really need it?
  • Changing Disciplines: 3 riders embrace new-to-them horse sports
  • Basics of Clicker Training
  • The Case for Lightness, and 3 exercises to help.
  • Define Your High Performance Values
  • Bareback Riding Inspires a Deeper Connection at Eagle Feather Riding
  • A Story of Good Neighbours and Their Majestic 4-Legged Hero
  • Petey’s Long Lost Friend



  • What is Salmonellosis?
  • Master Mud Fever
  • Triumph Over Thrush
  • Hay! Test Your Knowledge
  • When Hay is Scarce
  • Nutrition Myth Busters
  • West Copies: Horse Health Lines (newsletter of the WCVM)



  • Book Review: The Working Equitation Training Manual
  • Horse Council BC News
  • Manitoba Horse Council News
  • Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association News
  • Canadian Quarter Horse Association News
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Equine Disease Surveillance in Canada

Equine disease surveillance in Canada

In Canada, equine industry organizations such as the Canadian Quarter Horse Association work closely with other partners including the Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System, regional animal health networks (Western, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic), governments, universities, veterinarians, laboratories and others to monitor diseases and share information.  

At the moment, these networks are paying attention to:

  • Equine infectious anemia (EIA), particularly in western Canada
  • Respiratory diseases (Influenza, Equine herpesvirus)
  • Antimicrobial use and resistance in horses
  • Vector borne diseases and climate change

Up to date information for horse owners includes:

  • The interactive Equine Diseases Dashboard
  • Infographics on EIA in Canada, including what you can do to protect your horses
  • Infographics on good practices for managing snotty noses and minor wounds

These are free and can all be found at:


AQHA Membership Auto-Renewal

Effective October 1, the American Quarter Horse Association will begin to transition domestic and international AQHA and AQHYA memberships with payment method on file with the Association to be automatically renewed. AQHA and AQHYA memberships purchased on or after October 1 with a payment method on file will be automatically renewed.


The auto-renewal will create a more streamlined process for members who renew annually or every three years. Annual general and amateur memberships will automatically renew to an annual general or amateur membership, and three-year general and amateur memberships will automatically renew to a three-year general or amateur membership. Members will be notified if the payment method on file will expire before the renewal date for the opportunity to update the payment information.


New or renewed American Quarter Horse Youth Association memberships purchased on and after October 1 will also be automatically renewed until the member graduates AQHYA. Graduating AQHYA members must upgrade their membership to a general or amateur membership and will not be automatically renewed to a general or amateur membership.


Since 2008, AQHA has offered members the ability to opt into auto-renewal at any time. However, this modification will create a more efficient renewal process for members to focus their time on what they love – spending time with their American Quarter Horses.

By being a member of the largest equine breed registry in the world, American Quarter Horse enthusiasts receive a variety of invaluable benefits from exclusive partner discounts to programs, competitions and events. The Association strives to provide world-class resources to members no matter where you are in your American Quarter Horse journey.


Current AQHA members who do not have a payment method on file or members who prefer to opt-out of auto-renewal will continue to receive renewal notices as they have in the past.


New or renewed AQHA members have the option to opt out by contacting AQHA or by selecting the opt-out option on the membership form.


If you have questions, need assistance or would like to opt out of the auto-renewal, contact the AQHA team at or call 806-376-4811 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central, Monday through Friday.


Area 3’s Youth Amazing Challenge

The Area 3 Quarter Horse Promotional Club hosted a new event this year at their Summer Classic Circuit hosted in Lindsey, ON for August 17th to 21st.

The goal of the 2022 Youth Amazing Challenge was to bring together all their youth in a setting outside of the show ring in order to build camaraderie and include those youth that were attending the show but not yet showing horses themselves.

Over 20 youth took part in this special event sponsored by CQHA and it provided an opportunity to introduce youth who may not have known each other or know each other well to work together as teams and build problem solving and planning skills through fun and interactive tasks.

It was an encouraging environment, where teams cheered each other on, had lots of laughter and completely entertained the spectators who were on the side line  boosting moral.