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We are the Canadian international affiliate of the American Quarter Horse Association and serve to support and promote the development of the Canadian Quarter Horse industry domestically and abroad.

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Current Canadian Disease Alerts:

Equine Infectious Anemia
Leduc County, AB
Confirmed Case(s) – Official Quarantine
Alert ID: 2742 | Sept 28, 2022

Equine Infectious Anemia
Wetaskiwin, AB
Confirmed Case(s) – Official Quarantine
Alert ID: 2708 | Sept 1, 2022


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Equine Disease Surveillance in Canada

Equine disease surveillance in Canada In Canada, equine industry organizations such as the Canadian Quarter Horse Association work closely with other partners including the Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System, regional

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Circuit du Président

  2 S/C AQHA Shows Juges / Judges : Charlie Cole & John Briggs – Nancie Wright & Daren Wright The QQHA and all participants must comply with the provincial

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